Shocking photos that show the contrast between the two worlds we live in

In the morning, you probably woke up in a soft and warm bed. They cuddled with their loved one. You ate breakfast to the sounds of pleasant music, looked out the window at the peaceful surroundings and the sky to check what the weather was like, and chose a combination of clothes accordingly. It sounds completely obvious, but unfortunately it is not - the world that is satisfying for us is the same world that is destructive for others.

Planet Earth represents the intersection of two worlds – enjoying and suffering. If you woke up today in peaceful environment, this is your reality, but unfortunately not either others – blood, war, hunger, suffering, struggle … these are nouns, which we can only imagine on paper.

Ugur is an artist who lives in Turkey, namely at the border with one of the most dangerous regions of the modern world, i.e. Syria. The contrast between these territories it reflects two different worlds, which inspired him in his work. He created a series of photographs depicting a peaceful life and the greatest disaster - war. With this, he wants to remind that he wants, that the whole world would live according to the slogan 'peace at home, peace in the world'.

Picture gallery  Contrast between two worlds

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