Slovenian elementary school students set a Guinness record in the world's largest online quiz

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More than 20,000 Slovenian elementary school students took part in a nationwide online quiz and set a new Guinness world record. The quiz, which focused on the safe use of the Internet, wanted to provide students with knowledge and tools that will help them lead a safer online life. The event was organized by A1 Slovenia and Zavod Varni internet as an upgrade of their project Spletne brihte, which has been educating children for the safe and responsible use of the Internet and digital technologies for two years.

All-Slovenian quiz connected students from all Slovenian regions in terms of knowledge about online security. The participants were led by stand-up comedian Sašo Stare, and the quiz tested knowledge about digital traces, personal data protection, social networks, online violence, online empathy and other challenges that young people face online. In 60 minutes, 15,225 participants answered all the questions, setting a new world record previously held by the British with 7,279 participants. Official Guinness World Records judge Richard Stenning congratulated the organizers and students on their achievement and praised the enthusiasm and energy the children brought to the event.

Photo: A1

The overwhelming interest of schools in participating is proof that principals and teachers are aware that knowledge about online safety and the safe use of digital technologies is an important skill for today's children. A1 Slovenia and Zavod Varni Internet are proud of the quiz and the new record they won, as they equipped even more children for a safe life online. Dejan Turk, president of the board of A1 Slovenia and Serbia, emphasized that the company, as a provider of communication and digital services to users, especially the youngest, feels a responsibility to teach them safe use.

A new world record

A new record now there are 15,225 participants, and the best three schools will receive a prize in the total value of 10,000 euros for the purchase of computer equipment. This success is an extension of the educational experience of Spletna Brihta, with which Zavod Varni Internet, with the support of A1 Slovenia, educated elementary school students from the 4th grade onwards. To date, 8,700 children and adolescents have been involved in educational experiences in schools.

A1 Slovenia has classified digital education as one of its core socially responsible activities, and the company is committed to the promotion of safe use of the Internet and care for digital education. By the end of 2023, the company wants to involve 12,000 children and young people in educational activities and encourage and train them to actively shape digital worlds. The quiz was a success and opened the door to online safety for the school. The organizers hope that schools will include it more often

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