Smart walking stick - Fujitsu Smart Cane

Your grandma may soon have a more advanced device than your smartphone. At the Mobile World Congress 2013, the world-famous Japanese company Fujitsu presented the next generation of Fujitsu Smart Cane walking sticks, which can also be called "smart walking sticks".

Main features are monitoring vital health signs and care for the mobility of senior citizens.

The stick has an integrated GPS system to guide the user along a predetermined walking path. Connectivity with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology and 3G allow networks to track the user and guide them remotely so that the family or guardian can adjust the route as needed. LCD screen it shows transparent colored arrows that direct the pedestrian, and the stick also vibrates when the direction of walking changes.

They are also built into the rod holder blood pressure sensor, which measures the pedestrian's heart rate, a temperature sensor, and a motion sensor that tracks the number of bar movements and can suggest rest after predetermined intervals, and can also judge that a pedestrian has fallen and send alarm to medical personnel or to a guardian. It also sends an email or alarm when there are abnormalities in health signs.

Fujitsu company has established the smart walking stick with the aim of helping the growing elderly population, which presents new challenges in Japan and the United States. Some companies are already developing new support technologies for the elderly, which also include robotic companions for 24-hour care. Thus, we can say that the Fujitsu Smart Cane is one of the first devices that will make life easier for many senior citizens.

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