Smartphone Magnifier: A smartphone magnifier for the eternal nostalgic

Smartphone Magnifier screen magnifier

Do you also ever miss the good old days and romanticize the period when we had classic TVs instead of pancake thin screens at home? You can recapture some of those feelings with a retro smartphone magnifier, the Smartphone Magnifier. This is not only decorative and not only turns your smartphone into a retro TV, but also doubles the image on the screen. Unfortunately, you don't get the remote when you buy it, but we think you'll get by without it.

Basic information
Double Vision
Smartphone Magnifier
The price
24 €

Are you a fan of VCRs and classic TVs? Then we have a great accessory for your smartphone. It sounds like a name Smartphone Magnifier. You slide the phone into the box in the form of a video cassette and insert it into the mini TV, just as you used to put video cassettes in video recorder.

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On 8 inch screen of television is being projected twice the size of the image, as seen on the phone screen. It's true, it's television from cardboard, a wood print it does its job more than perfectly. We already know what we want for Christmas!

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