Smokin' Jackets – covers for cigarette packs

Smokin' Jackets are the new colorful cigarette case covers that brighten up existing boring cigarette cases with fifteen designs. Designed with the idea of "always being in tune with the times", they have become a real trend that everyone can afford.

In the 19th century, smoking jackets protected smokers' clothes from burnt ash and the smell of tobacco, and in addition to their protective function, they also had a fashionable function. Covers Smokin' Jackets, which got their name from this piece of clothing, will protect your purse or pocket from loose ashes, but their charm lies primarily in their design.

With fifteen different motifs, you will be able to brighten up your cigarette boxes and give them your own stamp; a cover that is made of harder paper, but you will be able to use it several times, unless of course you get tired of it and want a new one. You will pay for it only 79 cents, so fashion transformations won't cost you much, and the creators promise that the first fifteen motifs will soon be joined by new ones that will always keep up with the times - this time's series, for example, was characterized by World Cup in Brazil, and pranksters and fashion enthusiasts will also find their own expression for it.

Covers are available at selected Petrol service stations. More at Smokin' Jackets.

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