Smooth and soft: 6 steps to properly shave your legs

How to properly shave your legs to make them smooth and soft? If you don't want to deal with red aftershave or other problems, then check out these 6 steps for smooth and soft legs.

Are you interested in how to shave your legs properly? Check out these 6 steps that will make your legs dreamily soft and smooth!

1. Shave at the end of bathing. The best time to shave is after a shower, as this opens the skin pores and softens the hair follicles.

2. Exfoliation before and after shaving. Exfoliation before shaving will remove dead skin from your legs - less irregularities on the skin and a more pleasant shave. After shaving, repeat the exfoliation, as this way you will also remove the dead skin that may have remained on your legs.

3. Use a men's razor. Razors for men are not only cheaper, but they are made specifically for the face, so the blades are gentler.

7 steps to properly shave your legs to keep them smooth and soft.
7 steps to properly shave your legs to keep them smooth and soft.

4. Use hair conditioner. Many women use soap or shaving cream when shaving, but these products are not supposed to provide the best shave. It's better to use hair conditioner because it stays on your legs for longer, so the chances of getting a cut are less.

5. Shaving direction. Shave in the opposite direction of hair growth, as this way you will catch the most hair with the razor. When you finish shaving in this direction, you can also shave the hair in the same direction as it grows - this way you will ensure that there will be no traces of hair on your legs that you may have missed during the first shave.

6. Moisturizing. Moisturizing is key, and you need to moisturize your skin for about a minute after showering and drying if you want it to work. When you're done, apply a 'thick' layer of lotion, body butter or coconut oil.

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