Solar Eclipse Stay: How to watch the solar eclipse in an extraordinary way

Solar Eclipse Stay: How to watch the solar eclipse in an extraordinary way

The universe rarely reminds us of ourselves, because we already have a lot of work to do on Earth. Well, maybe on warm summer nights we often look up at the stars. But when the universe 'pats us on the shoulder', it's always for something special. This time it's the USA's turn. On August 21, Americans will be able to observe a total solar eclipse for the first time in 100 years. As befits them, they will 'decorate' the event a little more. Are you wondering how?

Solar Eclipse Stay, which is a joint project National Geographic and Airbnb, will take place in the state of Oregon and is actually waiting for two lucky people. Why the lucky guy? The commission will be chose 2 people, who will take part in the competition and answer the key question along with their description: Why do you think events like this connect us? The authors of the two most original answers will spend 2 days in to the astrophysicist society and photographer, specializing in night sky photography. The day before the eclipse, they will settle in bivouac, which stands in the Oregon wilderness and is equipped with several telescopes. She will welcome them there dr. Jedidah Isler, an astrophysicist, with whom they will then chat over dinner about her passion for celestial phenomena and share their views and questions. They will also meet Babak Tafreshi, a National Geographic photographer, who will teach them how to photograph the sky at night. The next day, the day of the eclipse, they will board the private jet and flew over the Pacific Ocean. After two hours of flight, they will be able to witness the beginning of the eclipse, which only a handful of people experience.

Unfortunately, the competition is only reserved for residents of the USA and Canada, so we have no choice but to treat them to an extraordinary adventure.

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