How the World Cup beat the Super Bowl

Unruly crunched the numbers for World Cup and Super Bowl ads and came up with some interesting findings. Among other things, even before the referee's first whistle, we repeatedly passed on those that were made exclusively for the World Cup, as those that were created only for the Super Bowl 2014.

So if the company is to be believed Unruly swept the 2014 FIFA World Cup with American football without breaking a sweat, even though the NFL finals are considered the biggest single sporting event in the world. We have the 20 hottest ads for the World Cup so far on social networks shared as many as 6.9 million times, up 31.4% from the top 20 ads for this year's Super Bowl. But if we only take from the equation Shakira's Activia video clip "La La La", which is, frankly, more of a commercial than an ad, the Super Bowl is still slightly ahead. But only by a yard or two.

In addition to Unruly, a Google representative also added her "beep" of statistics and said that they do not count clicks related to SP only, as they usually do not isolate ads thematically, but she emphasized that Shakira's "La La La" with the current 110 has already garnered millions of views, more than twice as many views as Budweiser's most popular Super Bowl ad "Puppy".

Colombian musicians follow Nikova in the ranking of the number of views for the World Cup "Winner Stays" with 76 million and "The Last Stand" with 33 million, and far behind them is Castrol's "Footkhana" with just over 15 million.

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Finally, let's jump back four years, to the World Cup in football in South Africa. At that time, he watched at least a minute of the final match online 909 million people, while this year's Super Bowl drew 111.5 million online viewers.

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