Sparkasse Kavarna Evropa - contact between the bank and the cafe

Sparkasse Bank presents a bank with a cafe and a cafe with a bank - the new Sparkasse Kavarna Evropa business unit. At the intersection between today's Gosposvetska and Slovenska cesta, the Tavčar Palace with a hotel and restaurant, inspired by Viennese architecture, grew in 1869.

And the one at that time Cafe Europe, a lady's cafe, in a Neo-Renaissance building, offered the townspeople coffee, cappuccino and the opportunity to socialize, chat or simply observe the hustle and bustle of the street. The café beat has changed its pace many times over the past seventy years, and today's Palace of Europe got a café again this year; this time for the first time in a unique version, combined with the bank - the Sparkasse bank in the Erste Group.

Sparkasse Bank with its new business unit Sparkasse Cafe Europe presents the concept of banking in cooperation with the cafe. Bank with a cafe, Cafe with a bank? The answer is Sparkasse Cafe Europe. When you want coffee, a coffee shop; when you need a bank, a bank.

The renovation of the former premises of the Evropa cafe took place under the watchful eye of the architect Meta Javh Hribar with her colleagues Maja Mikuž and Katarina Snoj; in the cooperation of the Sparkasse bank with the Cacao cafe. The interior design concept was the idea of combining two different activities - a bank and a cafe, and at the same time capturing the spirit of the past, modernizing it and placing it in the present. A landing with two offices is located in the central area, which houses the cafeteria and the banking area. The red thread of the room is the wooden slats, which also give it an emphasis due to the gray walls. Light floods the space through large windows, through which even today it is possible to observe the bustle of the city as in the past. The Sparkasse bank and the Cacao cafe coexist in perfect symbiosis. One of the walls is also decorated with a large wooden logo of the Sparkasse bank, consisting of cubes made of four types of wood, on which motivational messages from the bank's employees, customers and partners will soon be engraved.

If you are tempted by coffee, cake and ice cream, or if you want to open an account, pay a bill or talk about your finances, Sparkasse Kavarna Evropa is the real address for you. Welcome to the bank where, in addition to a personal account, you can choose between espresso, cappuccino, macchiato...

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