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SB300B Wireless Portable Speaker

Are you looking for a powerful, convenient, compact, high-quality, stylish and, on top of that, affordable wireless portable speaker? It sounds like wishful thinking, but the Philips BT110 and Philips SB300 speakers are no mirage. The pocket-sized BT110 delivers quality, clear and loud sound and quality bass, while the SB300 speaker has the following features – durability, shock resistance, water resistance, ability to make calls, impressive bass, loud sound and multi-colored flashing lights.

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Philips BT110 and SB300
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39 €/49 €

Wireless portable speakers Philips BT110 and SB300 they are suitable both for creating a romantic atmosphere in the living room and for having fun with friends on the ski slope or in the summer by the pool and on a picnic. They impress wherever they go.

Wireless portable speaker BT110A.
Wireless portable speaker BT110A

Loudspeaker PixelPop BT110 the size of a smartphone despite its small size, it provides the sound quality of its bigger brothers. Convenient, waterproof and stylish it is an excellent companion for both young people and businessmen who want clear and loud sound and high-quality low tones to take with them. And what makes this dwarf among the speakers so superb? The 1.5-inch front driver unit combined with passive diaphragms provides exceptional performance with even deeper bass, while filter to prevent sound distortion ensures loud listening to music without the risk of quality loss, even when the battery is at extreme power. The portable speaker also plays the highest frequencies. Provides up to 8 hours of autonomy.

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ShoqBox SB300 has an extremely durable housing (it can withstand even 30 minutes a meter under water), impact resistant. With a 1.5-inch full-range front driver and large dual diaphragms, it delivers powerful sound with extreme precision. With the colored flashing of the lights dictated by the rhythm of the music, the songs come to life and the party takes on new dimensions. If you prefer to dance in the dark, use the switch and the light will 'shut down'.

Both Bluetooth speakers have built-in rechargeable batteries, so you will no longer have to deal with tangled cables and finding an outlet. Because of the microphone, you can also use them as a speaker for hands-free calling. Both are ridiculously cheap, the Philips BT110 is yours for just 39 euros, and the SB300 for 49 euros.

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