That's how you'll never win him over: 3 dating mistakes we all make

Dating sites. A word that can awaken different feelings in an individual - from mortal nervousness to a feeling of great enthusiasm. Of course, the most stressful are the first contacts, be it through messages, a phone conversation or during a live meeting. Today, when our smart devices are almost extensions of our bodies and when we can get to know people before we see them through dating apps, it seems that opportunities to find your soulmate are at every turn. But do we know how to use them properly?

Researching online dating apps Plenty of Fish, in which two thousand single individuals participated, showed that the most stressful thing for many in online dating is how they present themselves to others on their profile. They want to show themselves as extremely interesting and attractive, even if they don't really feel that way, but at the same time they expect others to be honest and direct with them from the first contact. In the research, they came to three key findings based on the mistakes that many people make.

1. Is posting your best photo really that important?

Most people spend a lot of time choosing the best photo when creating their profile on dating apps. The kind where they look incredibly beautiful, attractive and confident, even if they only dressed up like that once for their best friend's wedding, but most of the time they're completely different. The research found that the effort to find the best possible photo is unnecessary, as as many as 65% people value more information about an individual than photos. Longer description in profile namely, it should increase your chances of people wanting to get to know you.

Rather than a full photo, post a longer description!
Rather than a full photo, post a longer description!

2. All cards on the table, even the bad ones

It's normal for everyone to initially want to present themselves as the best version of themselves to a potential partner, but it's even easier to misrepresent yourself online. Is that really the smartest thing to do? 84% participants said they would prefer to hear the shortcomings of a potential partner right from the start. If something serious were to develop from this relationship, it is therefore better to know what awaits us and to assess from the beginning whether you can tolerate your partner's negative side. We are all just people who (often) make mistakes, so we don't need to be perfect because our partner won't be either.

3. Authenticity is better than fake enthusiasm.

In the research, they found that 27% participants would prefer to hide a certain hobby or interest because they think it would be unattractive to a partner. But the fact is that it is flat hiding your true self can be more unattractive than the truth. Singles in the survey said that they feel best when they're dating when they're doing something they're good at or talking about something they love. That's when each individual is most in their element and thus their personality shines more than if they pretend to be someone they're not.

Hiding your true self can be more unattractive than the truth.
Hiding your true self can be more unattractive than the truth.

So what is the recipe for successful dating? Be who you are! Dating is about getting to know each other - the good and bad sides. If deception is present, the relationship will not be sincere and will not work out in the long run. So just relax and shine in who you are, even if you never quite know how to cook spaghetti, and if you still sleep with the light on. Who knows, maybe your future partner is also sleeping with the light on.

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