Summer refreshment: watermelon from a barrel

Watermelon in a natural barrel.

Just as a 5-liter keg of beer is not uncommon at a picnic or summer party, neither is a watermelon. But why always serve it in the conventional way, cut into pieces or slices, when you can serve it like beer from a keg. Well, beer and watermelon still don't go together, so you can make a keg out of a watermelon rind and pour draft watermelon out of it through a spigot.

Watermelon on tap it's not something you can order at the bar, but you can just serve it at home. You need a watermelon, a knife to "scalp" it, something to hollow out the watermelon, a blender to turn its flesh into a liquid state, and tap for pouring. And yes, a suitable opportunity, yes watermelon from a barrel you serve. A picnic, a party,... or just a hot summer evening.

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Watermelon in a barrel
Watermelon in a barrel

Bovla she just got tough competition in watermelon.

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