Supercar Capsule: When your car becomes a work of art

Supercar Capsule Garage

Better said, when your car becomes an exhibit. It's a shame to hide it in the garage if we can admire it even when we're at home.

The artwork is intended to we admire. Even a car is a work of art in itself. Someone must have taken a lot of time to create its perfect lines, so it's a shame if we have to hide a car like this in the garage. Let it be modern sports car, supercar or an old-timer, deserves to be admired. A team of four Italians from Supercar Capsule has taken up the production of special garages to order, which will using a variety of luxurious materials and lighting emphasizing all the positive features of your car.

Supercar Capsule Garage
Supercar Capsule Garage

No two garages are alike the team takes into account the client's wishes. He must also decide between four different garages: “villa extension“, “box refurbished“, “detached box"and"mechanized tower". The first means the construction of a new garage that is connected to the house, the second is the renovation of an existing garage, the third is the construction of a new garage that is separate from the house, and the last option is a multi-story detached garage in which you can show off more than just one car. Pretty cool, right?

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