Supernova is preparing for a month of football surprises

Predict the finalist and win Supernova Gift Cards

Photo: Supernova

Real football euphoria took over Supernova. Between 14 June and 14 July 2024, many football surprises, events and prize games will come to life in shopping centres. Visitors will be able to watch the hottest and much-anticipated matches of the European Football Championship in numerous restaurants.

For an even more tense and exciting atmosphere during the football championship, a nationwide prize game was prepared in Supernova. On Web site everyone can vote for their finalists and thus join the big prize draw for €4,000 in Supernova Gift Cards. Don't worry, the correctness of the prediction does not play any role in the draw, so guessing is all the more fun, and the voting results can surprise many. You can follow them live on the website supernova.si/ujemi-nagrado.

The wait for the grand final will be enhanced by weekly draws, in which 20 Supernova Gift Cards worth €40 will be available each time (a total of 60 prizes), and in the main draw all participants compete for an enviable 2x €500 and 6x €100 per Supernova gift cards. The giveaway runs from 14/06/2024 to 14/07/2024, and early participation means more chances to win!

Photo: Supernova

Fan gatherings and watching matches

Many bars in the Supernova shopping centers will organize during the football championship watching football matches on big screens. Join the crowd of fans and feel the passionate fan pulse, friendship and joy that overwhelms you while watching the hottest matches.

Special benefits, fan surprises and gifts await you in Supernova, so just replace watching the match on your phone or in the living room for real football euphoria.

Football surprises at every turn

Soccer fields, goal shooting, wheel of fortune, face painting and exciting 360° photography. This is just a fraction of the exclusive surprises they have in store for you from 14 June to 14 July 2024 in various Supernova shopping centers around Slovenia.

Check out what's happening in each Supernova or visit supernova.si/ujemi-nagrado for the exact schedule of events.

About the Supernova Gift Card

The Supernova gift card is a common gift card for Supernova shopping centers in Slovenia. Each Supernova Gift Card is a special surprise, as recipients can use it as they wish in 20 Supernova shopping centers, which means in 700+ stores across Slovenia. The recipient can use the Supernova gift card gradually, in different stores and even in different Supernova shopping centers.

The Supernova gift card is an excellent gift when you want the recipient to fulfill their hidden wishes, and it is also ideal for gifting when you run out of time or ideas. If you want to give an even more personal gift, you can personalize the Supernova Gift Card with your own photo. In addition to the physical card, you can on the website supernova-kartica.si easily order an electronic Supernova Gift Card. The advantage of the Supernova e-Gift Card is speed, as it is sent to your e-mail address immediately after receiving the payment.

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