Tern GSD: electric and cargo bike in one

Tern GSD

If you need a flexible bike with a lot of load, the Tern GSD is perfect for you. Not only does it make it possible to transport a larger amount of cargo, this task will also be extremely easy, thanks to the electric drive. The Tern GSD is definitely a smart solution to make life easier in the middle of the city bustle.

It's no longer than a standard electric bike in length, and it's also quick and easy collapsible and thus you can easily place it in the trunk of a car, an elevator or an apartment. Low center of gravity and clever design allow installation of up to two child seats, but you will still have enough room for the weekly groceries. The load capacity of the bike thus amounts to 180 kilograms and is suitable for people between 150 and 195 centimeters tall. In addition to all the mentioned advantages, there is another one, namely the distance. By connecting two Bosch's of batteries together, you can give the bike up to autonomy 240 kilometers, which provides you with several days of worry-free cycling with average use. For those who are more aesthetically inclined, there is a choice interesting case colors, and those more technical types will find it interesting to know that you can design a bike with an electric motor in 400- or 900-watt versions. The bike will hit stores next year.


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