The Bear-Naked Chef: a cooking show with a naked chef!

The Bear-Naked Chef cooking show with naked chef Adrian De Berardinis.

If Jamie Oliver is a naked chef only in quotation marks (that's the name of his show "Naked Chef"), Adrian De Berardinis is a naked chef for real. It's hard to stand out in the flood of cooking shows, so to be successful you have to show more than the competition. And De Berardinis in his cooking show The Bear-Naked Chef, as the name suggests, definitely does that! He performs completely naked, and his chiseled body is covered only by a kitchen apron!

Have you ever woken up in the morning, gone straight to the kitchen and made breakfast completely naked? Adrian De Berardinis for sure. Who? Cooking show host The Bear-Naked Chef and probably the sexiest chef in the world, and now also your favorite cooking host (at least for the female part of the audience we can say that). How come you haven't heard of him? The Bear-Naked Chef is a brand new show, and De Berardinis just served up the first episode, which you can watch below.

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Adriano De Berardinis has nothing to hide.
Adriano De Berardinis has nothing to hide.

And what makes The Bear-Naked Chef different from other shows? Especially after that Adrian cooks completely naked! It only covers a little bit an apron. "Cooking is my meditation, my therapy, it is a sensual journey. Once I fall 'in' it becomes a sensory play. I go into my own world, which I explore, see, feel, experience and ultimately share." But why nudity? Just for attention? No. She says that she wants to upgrade her experience as a viewer (sorry, female viewers), and at the same time, symbolism is also at play. As he performs himself in Eve's costume, the food preparation process is also "stripped" of all incomprehensible terms and concepts. You can see what this means in practice in the first episode of Med preparation of chicken breast.

The Bear-Naked Chef, Season 1 Episode 1 Chicken Breast:

The naked chef, Adrian De Berardinis, through the lens:

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