The best Airbnb in Croatia: 5 fabulous accommodations in 5 Croatian cities

The best Airbnb in Croatia: 5 fabulous accommodations from five Croatian cities

If you are looking for the best Airbnb in Croatia, where you would spend the last days of summer or perhaps the first autumn escape, you have come to the right address. We have selected five Airbnb accommodations that impressed us the most (and they are located in five Croatian cities).

Even if the prices of renting an apartment through the Airbnb platform have more or less equaled the prices of staying in hotels, you can still, if you do a good research, you can find luxury accommodation for a significantly lower price, as you would find on other sites of accommodation providers. Basically, this rule also applies to Croatia, where you can find quality catch for a few days' rest.

Summer is leaving and autumn is already waiting at the door, but there are still some jumps in the sea or wandering around the unknown streets of Croatian cities. they would not defend. If the answer is yes, check where it is located the best Airbnb in Croatia!

The best Airbnb in Croatia:


Center apartment

Center apartment
Center apartment

The beginning of September is the perfect time to explore the Croatian capital, as the heat subsides a bit, as a result you are full of energy to explore undiscovered gems of Zagreb and the probability of being surprised by rain is relatively low.

Even if the city has its own charm, accommodation is also important, which can significantly improve your travel experience. So we found an accommodation on the website that is perfect for the solo tourist or couple. If you love adventure, are an artistic soul and your heart is warmed by a small but cozy apartment, then all roads lead to this lovely accommodation, which located in the heart of the city.

Price for three nights for two (first available appointment from October 4 to 7): 167,00 



Luxury apartment VOLAT
Luxury apartment VOLAT

If you would like to jump into the sea or enjoy the sea air for the last time this year, then you can jump to Split. A stay at the VOLAT accommodation will also make the sea experience exceptional, which, according to the editors, is a complete hit if you are traveling solo or in couple and you love a fusion of modern and traditional.

The apartment is made in 200-year-old wine cellar, which means that the elements you find in the room are from the year 1800 - in this way you will meet a unique Dalmatian interiors, which will cool you in the summer (stone) and warm you in the winter.

Price for three nights for two (first available appointment from November 8 to 11): 354,00 €


Villa Mediterranean

Villa Mediterranean
Villa Mediterranean

Today, everything in Dubrovnik is Game of Thrones-themed, as you can find shops with HBO products at every turn, and many guides take you on tours of the city where the epic scenes were filmed.

We found that the experience will be truly serialized an exceptional villa, in which you will feel as if Dubrovnik is yours. You had to spend a little more to reserve the villa (it's much cheaper if you rent the villa with a group of up to 12 people), but staying in it is much more than just sleeping - it's life experience.

Price for three nights for two (first available appointment from September 13 to 16): 3.670,00 €


Amphitheater Premium Apartment

Amphitheater Premium Apartment
Amphitheater Premium Apartment

If the trip to neighboring Rome is a bit tiring and time-consuming, then you can go to Pula, which will suit you conjured up an experience similar to the Italian capital. The jewel of Pula is the Roman amphitheater that reigns in the center of the city, and there are many other historical sights nearby. The old part of the city is quite picturesque, consisting of a fusion of traditional (urban) and modern appearance.

The city is perfect for artistic souls who love beautiful things, so we found a magical Airbnb for six guests to located right next to the arena. This view softens even the hardest heart.

Price for three nights for two (first available appointment from December 6 to 12): 261,00 €


Urban Style Apartment Pax

Urban Style Apartment Pax
Urban Style Apartment Pax

Cosmopolitans who love cultural diversity, they love Osijek - the city is located on the border with Serbia and Hungary, and in the past it was ruled by the Ottomans, Habsburgs and Romans, so it is not unusual to find cultural mix, which manifests itself mainly in architectural styles.

The city has just three centers, which are special in their own way – Gornji GradStronger and Donji Grad, which at the very beginning developed independently, but later joined into one municipality. The fortress is the oldest part, which is also the most colorful and expresses the modern side of Osijek. Because such a destination is written on the skin to urban souls, we found an extremely modern furnished apartment with vintage elements, which is perfect for cosmopolitans.

Price for three nights for two (first available appointment from September 6 to 9): 147,00 €

You may have discovered one yourself in Croatia a gem among Airbnbs? We will be happy if you share your discoveries with us, so feel free to do so write in a comment.

Reservation dates were available at the time of writing. We are not responsible for any changes to the Airbnb website.

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