The biggest journalistic slips in the 35-year history of CNN

CNN's Biggest Journalistic Mistakes.

It happens to even the best, which is why even one of the most internationally known media houses, CNN, is not immune to journalistic slip-ups. On the occasion of their 35th anniversary, they have prepared a compilation of their greatest journalistic mistakes in history. Laughter guaranteed!

Even journalists are human, and they too sometimes slip up or something unexpected happens on the air. He knows that very well media house CNN, where also its biggest journalists slips in front of TV screens they did not spare. Well, who would blame them strange gestures, falls, tangles, yawns, some swearing, etc., all too often we are bombarded with only negative news, but we all need it sometimes a dose of laughter. Despite the fact that even in such moments they try to maintain professionalism, sometimes it just doesn't work.

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Even Anderson Cooper was already a "victim" of the glitch.
Anderson Cooper was also a "victim" of the glitch.

Take a look a compilation of the biggest journalistic blunders in front of the camera in its 35-year history CNN. And just as laughter is half of health, it is healthy if you know how to joke about yourself. And keep up the good work, CNN.

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