The funniest version of the iPhone X is here

The dust hasn't settled yet from Apple's Keynote event, where, among other things, they presented the new iPhone X, and already... well, the dust is rising again. Well, that's what these events actually are. Wondering what we're talking about? About the designers who took care of the funniest, bizarre, we can't find a better term, version of the iPhone X!

Brick is a Los Angeles company that brings together the most elite industrial designers, physicists, engineers and marketers. They manufacture with extremely complex procedures luxury technological devices made of the rarest materials, which only the richest can afford. This time they tackled the iPhone X, and named the collection Lux iPhone X Collections.

If Apple's iPhone X seems a bit expensive to you, wait a little longer for us to reveal the price of Brikko's version. All are equipped with 256 gigabytes of storage space and 5.8-inch OLED screen, but here their paths diverge a little. The back of the phones from the collection Lux iPhone X Mono is decorated with glass, into which patterns were laser engraved. The sides of the case are made of 24-karat yellow gold, 18 carat pink gold or platinum 950. The price for a phone from this collection is 6,300 euros. Telephones Lux Iphone X Classic they go one step further and are fully clad in the materials found in the sides of the aforementioned phones, so the price for 2,000 euros higher. Collection Deluxe has 3 versions, namely Single, Double and Triple. They differ only in the number of lines that paved with diamonds and boast in in the form of a heptagram on the back of the phones. Price for Single is 10,800 euros, for Double 12,500 euros, and for Triple, just 18,400 euros. Haute Collection, penultimate, is custom collection. You can use extremely expensive stones, diamonds and have your logo or initials engraved. You will have to shell out quite a bit for this 41,800 euros. But the winner is the collection Ingot! With its two versions Ingot 108 or Ingot 250, which contain 108 or 250 grams of 24 carat dry gold, breaking all records. The Ingot 108 costs as much as a Haute phone, but the Ingot 250 version will cost you a fortune 58,600 euros.

Well, tell me that isn't at least a little bit bizarre!

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