The last number in your year of birth reveals whether happiness or suffering awaits you in life

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Each number carries its own vibration and energy that can affect our life. So what does the last number in your birth year mean? Is it just a coincidence or maybe something more?

The elements it defines year of birth, are not just numbers, but the keys that unlock the door to our inner nature, influence our decisions and shape our destiny.

An ancient Chinese belief Feng Shui explains that each moment is marked by the predominance of one of the five main elements: wood, fire, earth, metal or water. This element can also be associated with the last number of the year of birth and can reveal certain qualities or destiny of the individual.

Number 8 or 9: Earth element

Individuals whose last digit of the year of birth is 8 or 9, fall under the element of earth. These people are known for their stability, reliability and strength. They are very focused on family and community and strive for harmonious relationships. Safety and comfort are important to them, so they are usually very persistent in achieving their goals. The earth element also represents practicality, reality and materiality.

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These people are often pragmatic and have a strong connection with nature and earthly elements. Among theirs weaknesses we may find a sense of reticence or overly conservative attitudes, which can hinder them from accepting new ideas or changes. Earth is associated with the fourth season, autumn, and the color yellow.

Number 6 or 7: Fire element

People with the element of fire, whose last number of the year of birth is 6 or 7, they are always looking for adventure and never refuse to explore something new. They are very active, energetic individuals with excellent leadership skills. They like to compete and win. Fiery people are attractive, they cannot stand loneliness, they prefer to be surrounded by people and are constantly on the move. In addition, they are extremely attached to their loved ones.

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They are smart, friendly, decisive and efficient. Weaknesses the characteristics of these people are their aggressiveness and excessive desire to achieve the goal by any means, and in addition, they are too emotional and suffer from a lack of patience. They can be too ambitious.

Number 4 or 5: Wood element

People who fall under the element of wood have the last number of their year of birth 4 or 5. These individuals are very generous and stick to their principles in terms of ethical behavior. They like to explore the world and analyze information. They are also characterized by a rare power of persuasion. They know how to live ascetically and are often creative, which shows in everything they do.

They are diligent, tend to be constantly busy, as they consider work to be the best use of their energy. Self-confidence is one of the best qualities of people of this element. They are loyal friends and never act selfishly. They excel at teamwork and are very compassionate towards other people. They make the mistake of taking on more tasks than they can handle.

Number 2 or 3: Water element

People who fall under the element of water have the last number of their year of birth 2 or 3. These people are considered charming and lovable and know how to empathize. They are very easygoing and know perfectly how to walk through life. In addition, they are smart and creative. They are usually multi-tasking, have communication skills and can be very convincing. It is also worth mentioning their exceptional skills in the field of diplomacy.

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They are intuitive and able to understand what escapes other people's attention. They are good organizers and no less good performers. In addition, they always try to find a simple solution. They are characterized by adaptability.

Number 0 or 1: Air element

Individuals who fall under the element of air have the last number of their year of birth 0 or 1. They are very independent, self-sufficient and because of their strong character. They love themselves, but they also care and respect others. As a rule, they are quite restrained, but under external pressure they actively and unwaveringly defend their point of view. Representatives of this element strive for order and prioritize balance and purity in all senses of the word. They are reliable, but do not try to drown in the crowd.

They know what they want, we can envy them determination, because obstacles and failures do not stop these people. They can easily solve problems, they are not afraid of loneliness, but they want society to recognize their achievements and successes. They have a conscious or subconscious desire for luxury and money.

It is the last number in the year of birth revealed your destiny?

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