The most beautiful McDonald's restaurants in the world

Did you know that 30% is recognized by more people as the McDonald's sign than the cross, and, like God, is almost everywhere, except physically rather than metaphysically. More precisely, this American chain has 31,000 restaurants in 119 countries around the world, serving 58 million customers daily. Their architects, brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald, founded it in 1940, and since then it has left its mark not only on our structures, but also on the architectural landscape.

McDonald's sells every second 75 hamburgers, and its success is not only the result of food and magical advertising, but also looks restaurants. Because they are scattered all over the world and the cultures are so very different - but they all have to eat - despite the uniform appearance in the interior, I like playing with the outside. Of course, the logo, which is second only to Coca-Cola recognizable symbol in the world, remains intact but often has different architectural hosts.

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Which restaurant do you like the most, see in the gallery?

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