The new iPhone 11 Pro can trigger an attack of trypophobia! Do you have it too?

iPhone 11

More cameras means more holes. Several holes, however, do not exactly have a beneficial effect for some users.

Lately, it is quite normal for our phones to be able to take pictures from very close or very far away. All these photographic lenses have to be placed somewhere, and designers approach the problem in different ways. Thus, at its annual conference, Apple revealed a new flagship, iPhone 11 Pro. This one does not differ too much from its predecessors, but the most visible changes are on the back, on its back. It is adorned with three cameras with an updated photo processing algorithm.

iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro

Most netizens like to poke fun at phone holes, such as with creative wallpapers for Samsung's Galaxy S10 line. The new iPhone 11 Pro cameras are, for example, compared to a kitchen. But some people are not particularly happy about such holes. It is precisely these three cameras that trigger you in people trypophobia or fear of small holes. People who suffer from this kind of phobia, when looking at these kinds of holes (pores on the skin, holes of irregular shapes...) very unpleasant feelings, due to which they cannot leave the apartment for up to three days!

Trypophobia in professional literature

Although trypophobia is not currently listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a 2018 paper suggests that trypophobia may be associated with anxiety or anxiety. In a 2013 study, they came to the conclusion that a cluster of small holes (such as found in Swiss cheese or honeycomb) that triggers such a strong instinctive response in humans carries a surprising resemblance to potentially dangerous animals. Therefore, the study suggests that trypophobia may stem from an innate instinct that alerts the human body to danger. However, subsequent research has shown that trypophobia, which affects about 16 percent of the population, is actually an aversion to something, not a fear. Thus, in a 2017 study, they found that trypophobia is related with strong sensitivity to disgust. And according to the research, the disgust is based on the desire to avoid the disease. This makes sense in the case of trypophobia, as some parasites and infectious diseases resemble images and objects that otherwise trigger an attack of trypophobia in people. Intense disgust, as the root cause of trypophobia, also explains why people report having an attack itching every time they see tiny holes.

So if we take a photo of a friend with a new iPhone and they feel bad about it, it is very likely that they are disgusted by our new phone. Like the Swiss cheese of punchy devices, there are quite a few on the market, and the iPhone 11 is still quite solid compared to them. For example, they are among the worst Nokia 9 PureView and a camera Light L16.

Light L16 camera
Light L16 camera

It is important to realize that trypophobia can have a great effect on an individual's quality of life, but it is treatable. It is said to be the most suitable for the aforementioned phobia exposure to stressors until the brain no longer perceives it as a stressor. They are also said to help overcome trypophobia cognitive behavioral therapy (the therapist helps the client to understand his problems and to change the thought and behavioral patterns that perpetuate these problems) and relaxation techniques.

With that quiz check if you too suffer from trypophobia!

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