The price of a smart toilet bowl that cleans itself will blow your mind

Until recently, the well-known way of performing toilet needs is a thing of the past. With this smart shell you will get a higher level of bathroom experience, but you will also have to shell out a staggering amount for it.

Japanese toilet factory manufacturer Toto has created a multi-purpose high-quality Toilet bowl NEOREST NX. It will show itself even before use smart capabilities.

When the user approaches it, it s sensors detects the presence and thus opens automatically. Before you start using it, the shell automatically cleans itself. Special shower toilet spray the toilet bowl with water so that nothing sticks to it.

Smart toilet bowl.
Smart toilet bowl.

It also has a toilet water sprayer, which during the use of the user's toilet automatically cleans. This water has antibacterial and cleansing effect, which means that using toilet paper is a thing of the past. That's not all. Also has dryer, which dries the buttocks, and for the best possible experience is also available heated seat, which the individual can adapt to his wishes.

After the end of use, the shell also automatically cleans with electrolyzed water and closes. During idle time, the system breaks down waste in the toilet bowl.

Automated technology constantly takes care of a clean surface, but it has to be paid for 11,000 dollars. In the second half of this year, the first in the US will be able to test a higher level of bathroom experience with this smart shell.

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