The secret of eternal youth: 8 hair colors that will instantly rejuvenate you

Photo: Pexels / Gabriela Cheloni

When it comes to aging gracefully, women like to help themselves with various tricks. Whether they're dutifully applying daily sunscreen and retinol night cream, choosing the right hair color is key. When we want to look years younger, the right hair color is invaluable.

Monotonous hair colour there will be us got old, so it's important to choose shades that add dimension and warmth. Cold tones are not always the best choice for eternal youth. Caramel, honey, gold, copper and strawberry will add a youthful glow and freshness to your face. Furthermore lighter shades around the face distract attention from possible skin irregularities. If you want to discover the secret of eternal youth, choose one of these eight hair colors that will make you look younger in an instant.

1. Caramel

Caramel highlights are ideal for brunettes as they add warmth and tenderness to facial features. This refresh is not overdone and you reduce maintenance even further by focusing only on the ends and around the face. Caramel provides freshness and vibrancy every season.

2. Bronde

“Bronde” is a great choice for all ages, as it combines a darker base with warm blonde highlights. This color combines blonde and brunettes just right, giving a youthful glow of golden blonde shades, while remaining close to the natural color. Accents that frame the face are key.

3. Strawberry blonde

This light blonde shade with stunning hints of strawberry is a great choice for blondes and redheads, especially those with cool skin tones and naturally light, orange-red undertones. Highlighting this color adds a youthful glow to any woman, while being easy to maintain. You can maintain the radiant appearance of reddish shades by applying gloss approximately every six weeks.

4. Chocolate gold

Applying golden balayage strands over a dark chocolate base seems to be the ticket to eternal youth. This combination creates a shade that catches the sunlight like a blonde without straying from the natural color of a brunette. In addition, framing the face with lighter golden strands distracts attention from any imperfections, especially on the cheeks.

5. Champagne blonde

This is no ordinary platinum blonde. This warmer, yellow-toned blonde brings out the natural undertones of your hair color and makes your complexion look brighter. This color adds softness to the face and perfectly resists the loss of fullness and fat in facial features that usually occurs with aging.

6. Soft black

For those who prefer a dark black hair color or have a natural deep black color, things become more difficult, as over time this color can seem too harsh. Instead, soften the color to a soft black, which creates a healthy, shiny hair look. The hair color sits right on the border between the brown and black spectrum and is much more flattering than a perfect black.

7. Honey blonde

As we age, our skin and hair can lose their natural luster. So there's no better way to bring it back than by adding golden honey balayage highlights to blonde hair. This warmth will add a youthful glow to the complexion, more shine and incredible dimension.

8. Chestnut red

A rich, reddish chestnut will enhance brunettes and redheads, creating the appearance of younger and more radiant skin with its warm hue that reflects light around the face. The best thing about this dark red-brown color is that it still has a touch of fiery glow whether you choose a subtle or bold shade.

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