Do they put aluminum foil on the door handle? More and more people are using this trick!

Home trick for safety

Photo: City Magazine

Aluminum foil has reigned supreme in kitchens around the world for decades, where it is prized for its versatility in baking, food storage and even cleaning. But now he's enriched the Internet with a new, unusual use for this humble kitchen gadget: to improve home security.

Glowing foil wrapped around a door handle serves as a simple but ingenious way to deter potential miscreants by creating the illusion of a security camera mounted on the door. This trick is especially suitable for residents of multi-family buildings or high-crime areas, as it is affordable and easy to implement.

How does this clever security measure work? When you leave your apartment or go to rest, carefully wrap the foil around the outside handle of your door. The key is not to crumple the foil too much. When you return or wake up, check the condition of the film. If you notice that it is crumpled or otherwise damaged, this could be a sign that someone tried to get in. This method serves not only as a visual deterrent, but also as a primitive but effective alarm system.

Of course, it is important to emphasize that aluminum foil cannot replace professional security systems such as cameras or alarms. But it is definitely an interesting and innovative addition to your home security arsenal.

Aluminum foil is not limited to safety tricks. Because of its unique structure, it can also improve the Wi-Fi signal in your home if you use it to route your router's signal. It is also great for cleaning stubborn stains on dishes, but be careful not to damage delicate surfaces.

This versatile kitchen tool thus reveals its hidden talents that go beyond mere culinary use. Aluminum foil proves that even the most everyday objects hide the potential for innovative solutions. With it, you can improve the security of your home in an easy and affordable way, and at the same time discover other unusual ways of use. Try this trick with aluminum foil and see for yourself how effective it is.

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