Top Gear - Jeremy Clarkson and some of his most controversial moments on TV

Ah, Jeremy Clarkson. How can we imagine Top Gear without him? The BBC apparently had no other choice after the incident with one of the producers of the Top Gear show, and Jeremy Clarkson has to say goodbye to one of the most successful shows in the history of the BBC television network. We recalled his most controversial moments on Top Gear and on TV.

1. Top Gear in Argentina

When the guys at Top Gear headed to Argentina, they never expected to cause an international incident. Their cars had license plates that referred to the Falklands War, which was the dispute between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the ownership of the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. The locals weren't happy with this, of course, and Top Gear was literally kicked out of the country, prompting a lot of awkward conversations for several ambassadors.

2. A joke about the execution of public sector workers

Why Jeremy Clarkson was asked this question, you wouldn't know. Maybe they just ran out of questions or they wanted a cover. However, this time Clarkson misjudged his comic brutality and made some inappropriate "jokes" in which he would prefer to shoot striking public sector workers.

3. “Treat yourself black cock.”

Tweet by Jeremy Clarkson
Tweet by Jeremy Clarkson

Even when he wants to say something nice, he manages to blurt out (or as in this case write down) something much more ambiguous. Congratulating his colleagues at Top Gear for a job well done, he advised them to drink "black cock". The misspelled name of Thai whiskey has caused quite a bit of confusion.

4. Insulting truck drivers

Like other shows, Top Gear has a script. The producers know what will happen and what anyone will say. This is understandable until the moment when Clarkson forgets some "filters" and indulges in some "harmless" jokes on the show about truckers who allegedly kill prostitutes.

5. Jeremy Clarkson slams Piers Morgan

The BBC producer isn't the only one to feel the wrath of Jeremy Clarkson. Piers Morgan allegedly insulted his wife at the award ceremony. And the reaction? A punch to the face, and Clarkson broke his finger in the process.

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