True beauty is timeless: older ladies who age in style

Some women are well aware that true beauty is timeless. That way, they don't waste money on various artificial devices that are supposed to help them maintain their youth. They age naturally and in style. They were captured by photographer Ari Seth Cohen.

Photographer Ari Seth Cohen, which is considered for connoisseur of older ladies, appreciates the beauty of older women. His designs are elegant older ladies, which he photographs on the streets of New York or in the shelter of their homes. The youngest model counts 59 years old and the eldest has 102 years.

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These are women who realize that it is true beauty timeless, and the fashion style only improves over the years. They don't hide their age, they don't dye their gray hair, and they don't spend money on plastic surgery. Nevertheless they look great! Check it out for yourself.

In the photo gallery you can see elegant older ladies who age naturally in style. True beauty is timeless.

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