Twin sisters who are completely different

Lucy and Maria Aylmer are eighteen-year-olds from Gloucester. They are not just friends or sisters, Lucy and Maria are twins. Of the five children born to their family, the other children are a typical mixture of the features of a Caucasian father and a Jamaican mother, while Lucy and Maria are complete opposites: Lucy has light skin and reddish hair, and Maria has dark skin and dark hair. Pretty amazing for twins, right?

"Nobody believes we're twins: I'm white and Maria is black," says Lucy. "Even if we dress exactly the same, we don't even look like sisters, let alone twins."
British twins thus developed from two separate eggs. For an interracial couple expecting twins, the chance that the twins will have different skin colors is one in five hundred.
The Aylmer sisters are very proud of their uniqueness, because their difference only strengthens the bond between them.

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In the gallery you can see some photos of the Aylmer twin sisters, who are completely different.

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