Useful Facebook tricks we need to know

Do you know basic Facebook tricks? Like it or not, Facebook has hooked the younger and older generations. It seems as if there is no escape from him. Despite various protests and outcry at changes to the website's appearance or privacy rules, people like sheep are returning to Facebook. And if we really have to, it's good to know some "secrets" that will help preserve a little more privacy and solve our mental state with one click. Here are useful Facebook tricks that we must know.

1. Download your entire Facebook history

Do you want to see the first message you sent via Facebook or have a backup copy of all your photos? Go to Settings, click General and then Download a copy of the data, which you have uploaded to Facebook. This way we get a copy of all the "goods" that we have ever shared with Facebook.

2. Hiding notes where someone tagged us years ago

If your Facebook is also hiding a collection of other people's notes that contain your name and maybe even unpleasant content? Go to your profile, search Pictures, on which you are and in the upper right corner click on Edit sections. From there you can then edit the individual sections and clear the areas you don't want to appear.

3. Hiding posts from certain people

Sometimes we don't want all our friends to be able to read where we are or what we're doing. To hide our post from certain people, before we publish our news, we have to in the lower right corner where it says Friends or Public, change to Custom made. In this way, we can choose the people with whom we will share certain content. But be careful, Facebook will fill these settings and save them for the next time. So just make sure to clear that box next time.

4. Deleting search history

One of the most insidious features of all Facebook's basics is surely that Facebook stores every page and person we've ever searched for. Click on the upside down triangle in the upper right corner of the page and select Activity log. Under the hidden More on the left, you will find Search. Find the content you want to remove and voila, your "untidy" job is hidden.

5. Downloading a friend's photo album

If you want to "steal" your friend's photos from a trip they took together, then download Chrome browser extension. This allows us to "zip" all the files to our desktop. Expansion: Download FB Album mod

6. Visibility on the chat only for selected people

In the chat, click on Settings and go to Advanced settings. From here you can turn off the chat for whoever you want.

7. Saving videos and other posts for later viewing

At work, of course, we can't afford to watch funny videos that our friends diligently post. For this purpose, Facebook has developed a new function that allows both stories and videos to be saved for later. We have to click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of the post and select Save this video. The saved content can be accessed in the navigation menu on the left under Saved. READ MORE: How to save content on Facebook

8. How to disable "Read by" in messages that we have read but do not want to reply to

We don't always want to reply to messages, or maybe we don't have time and we don't want our friend to think we're ignoring them. This one application, offered by Chrome makes our “Sorry, I didn't see the message…” more likely. Application: Facebook Unseen


9. Notification when someone removes us from their circle of friends

Save yourself the unpleasant surprises that hit us when we find out that one of our friends removed us from Facebook years ago. This one Chrome extension we will be with an added tab "Lost Friends" in the menu Friends notifications about which friends have decided to remove us. Expansion: Unfriend Notify for Facebook

10. Finding all of our public photos available for viewing

Go to Activity log, select Pictures, then Pictures with you and then select at the top right Shared with: Public. All we can do is ask the person to remove the image.

11. Blocking annoying content in the news

If you regularly see content in your news feed that already honestly eats you up, you can download this extension and enter the terms you want to block on your site. Expansion: FB Purity

12. Sending messages without Messenger

If you can Facebook open in Safari on your mobile phone, then select Add to home screen. This will create a bookmark for a version of Facebook that will allow you to send notifications and use less battery than Messenger.

13. Invitation to "like" the page to all friends at once

If you open the console in Firefox with the command Ctrl+Shift+K, a window will appear where you enter the code to avoid inviting friends one by one, but do it all at once. Code: javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]”);for (i=0;i < elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type=”checkbox” )elms[i].click( )};

14. How our profile looks to the public

On the cover photo, click on the three dots and select Look at the angle to see how your profile is seen by the wider world.

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