Venus entered Aries: what awaits you in love until March 15?

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Venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony, which also rules money, moves through different astrological signs from time to time, influencing the energies of our daily lives.

When Venus enters Aries, we can expect some changes in the area of relationships and love. Aries are usually passionate, confident and courageous, so during this period Venus will support these qualities and encourage more spontaneous and passionate relationships.

We may be more courageous in expressing our feelings and in finding love.

Venus moved into Aries on February 20th and will remain in the first sign of the zodiac until March 15th - find out how this affects your astrological sign!


He must not miss important details. During this period, Venus will make these people so important that they will look for small signs in everything. Mindfulness is very important, so you should be as little distracted by useless things and emotions as possible. It is better to look at the world through the prism of optimism.


Representatives of this earth sign must remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. If they learn to see something good in a series of negative events, they can not only become stronger, but also attract happiness into their lives.



You certainly shouldn't take on all the burdens of the world. You need to take time to relax. Strong Mercury will largely repel the attack of Venus, but the end of February and the first half of March can be turbulent. It is time to abandon the strategy of selflessness and increased sense of responsibility towards others.


For Cancers who may be suffering from a lack of support from Venus, the solution is communication with loved ones. Right now, at the end of February and the beginning of March, they need to learn how to seek help from people close to them. Stay away from those who are negative and sabotage you.


Lions should focus on solving old problems. Otherwise, the situation will get even more complicated and take a new turn. The bright and positive emotions of this period will remain in the memory, and all the bad things will be forgotten very quickly, so do not focus on the negative.


A virgin

The life of a Virgo at the end of February can be full of contradictions. Making decisions will be a little more difficult, as will simply analyzing everything that is happening around. This is a time of doubts and dilemmas, with which Virgos, although they cope quite well, require a huge expenditure of energy. While Venus is retrograde, they need to learn how to relax and enjoy life.


Many new things can happen in your life. Don't be against change, face everything new and get rid of the old. Making informed decisions will help you stay afloat.


Scorpios are often called arrogant people, but this is not the case. Representatives of this sign are very self-confident, but they know how to admit mistakes, even if it is not easy for them. And during this period, it is important that they take responsibility.



For Sagittarians, it is better to reduce their ambitions and become more reasonable. Every risk, even romantic and financial, can have consequences. Consider your decisions carefully.


This will be the time when you must follow the principles previously adopted and in no case should you depart from the previously set path. Otherwise, new challenges await you. This is not the best time for moving, repairs and changing jobs.


It is better to relax and enjoy pleasant emotions, you like stagnation. This is the time when you should definitely not put additional obstacles in your life.



Mercury favors fish, Venus in Aries will not give them the necessary reserve of strength and energy for traveling and searching for something new. For at least the first two weeks of Venus' stay in this fiery sign, Pisces remains in a resting phase. Take your time, the solution is patience.

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