What does it mean if you dream of another man

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Are you in a happy relationship or happily married? At least that's how it seems. However, despite this, you continue to dream about another man, while your beloved sleeps peacefully next to you.

You can't help but feel guilty about it, even though you know you can't control your dreams. But the bigger problem is that you don't know how to interpret them.

Is your subconscious trying to send you a message? Does it have anything to do with your current relationship? We reveal what it means if you dream of another man.

1. It's just a dream

You probably don't know this, it's actually a pretty common dream. Many people dream about ex-partners or imaginary men and women while sleeping next to their partner. However, in most cases, they feel like they are cheating on their current partner, so they usually don't talk about it.

This kind of dream has no deeper meaning. This is not a hidden message from the universe to break up or that you want to cheat on him. Sometimes dreams are just that – dreams.

2. You have concerns about your relationship

You may be too scared to admit it to yourself, let alone your partner, but the truth is that deep down you want to leave. Or maybe you haven't decided yet, but you're definitely thinking about it. Although everything seems perfect on the outside, your relationship isn't making you as happy as it should be.

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Both your heart and subconscious mind want to leave, and the only things holding you back from a man are external factors and social norms. Maybe you have kids together or you have nowhere to go if you leave him.

What your close friends and family will say to you because you don't have a valid reason to leave, as if not being happy isn't reason enough.

3. You still have feelings for your ex

Do you dream about your ex-partner? While it doesn't necessarily mean anything if it's a recurring dream, there's a good chance you still have feelings for this man even though you're married or in a relationship.

This is especially true if you constantly dream of him coming back into your life or asking for your forgiveness. It's more than obvious that you secretly wish for this scenario to come true.

But isn't it strange that it doesn't even cross your mind in your waking life, but keeps popping up in your dreams? Well, that can only mean one thing: you've tried hard to bury your feelings for him. But you seem to have forgotten one thing: you can't keep a secret from yourself, no matter how hard you try!

Another possibility is that your current partner is doing something that reminds you of your ex. It triggered your past traumas and inadvertently reopened your emotional baggage.

4. You are physically attracted to another man

There is a good chance that this man of your dreams is romantically interested in you. But that doesn't mean he's the love of your life or that you have strong, deep feelings for him. And it's not unusual to be physically attracted to another man, even if you're in a happy relationship.

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If you accepted this infatuation as something temporary and normal, you would deal with it when you are awake, and it wouldn't just haunt you in your dreams!

5. This is your male alter ego

According to the famous psychologist Carl Jung, we all have a feminine and a masculine side in our personality. Being a woman, it's natural to be more in touch with your feminine side.

What if the man who keeps appearing in your dreams is actually your male alter ego? At least this is what Jungian psychology claims, and many dream experts also agree with this hypothesis. Animus is your unconscious masculine side and Anima is your unconscious feminine side.

If the man in your dream reminds you a lot of the person you are or want to become, you are not dreaming about a man you would like to cheat on your partner with, and there is nothing wrong with your romantic relationship.

However, it is your unconscious mind that helps you build a better relationship with yourself. If you think about it, this relationship is the most important thing in your life, so you should definitely not neglect your male alter ego.

6. It's linked to your high libido

Dreams about sex are probably part of your monthly routine as you approach ovulation. But if these sex dreams are repeated every day, regardless of your cycle, it can only mean one thing: you have a high libido.

However, this wouldn't be an issue if all of your sexual dreams didn't always involve a man other than your partner. Could this be your body's way of sending you a message?

Or maybe you and your loved one have as much sex as you would like. But unfortunately, it obviously cannot provide you with the pleasure you crave.

And, dream on…. Photo: Victoria Akvarel / Pexels

Although this is technically a cheating dream, you don't need to feel guilty. On the contrary, this is just a warning sign that you should work on your sex life with your partner.

7. This man is thinking about you

You know what they say: if you can't sleep at night, it means you woke up from a dream. But what if it works both ways? What if someone is awake in your dreams because they are constantly thinking about you? This could be an ex-boyfriend, a close friend, or some other person who made a big impression on you. Either way, the thought of you keeps him up at night.

Its energy is so strong that it appears in your subconscious. The universe is sending you the following message: you are very present in someone's memory.

8. Treatment process

Dream experts say that dreaming about another man, especially if that man is your ex, can surprisingly be part of the healing process. Maybe you're not dreaming about him because you want him back or because you still love him - maybe it's your subconscious that finally let him go.

Your consciousness has moved on, but your soul apparently has not.

Everything this man has ever done has stayed with you. He has caused you more trauma, insecurity and problems than you care to admit. And even though you stopped loving him some time ago, the pain remained somewhere deep in your brain.

Don't worry - it's just your unconscious saying goodbye to this man.

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