What happens if we wear too much makeup?

Do you know what happens if you wear too much makeup? If you don't know, it might be a good idea to read the article below. Excessive application of make-up can cause faster aging of the skin, more irregularities in the form of blackheads and pimples, and a whole host of other inconveniences, which many times we start to deal with only when it is already too late for prevention. Everyone should decide for themselves what constitutes too much makeup.

 What happens if we wear too much makeup:

Pores become clogged.

Of course, choosing a good, high-quality powder can help make pores less clogged; however, no amount of quality will save you from clogged pores if you seriously overdo it with makeup. But when a special occasion calls for a heavy application of powder, make sure to clean your skin extremely well before going to bed.

Too much makeup clogs pores
Too much makeup clogs pores.

The risk of infection increases.

Makeup is chemicals. Even for insensitive individuals, applying large amounts of makeup increases the risk of various infections. Be especially careful with opened mascaras - don't use them for more than a good month.

Wrinkles deepen.

The more you use make-up and apply various unhealthy substances to your skin, the greater the chance that your skin will age rather badly later on. You can prevent this by using a light powder, but you should especially avoid the area around the eyes, where the skin is the most delicate.

To avoid skin aging, use a really light powder
To avoid skin aging, use a really light powder.

You will need more makeup remover.

If you use a lot of make-up, you will probably use a lot of make-up remover. But poor economic calculation is not the biggest problem. The problem arises because many make-up removers are too aggressive for the skin.

Your self-awareness can increase.

Especially if you don't use large amounts of makeup often, it may happen that when you wear heavy makeup, your self-consciousness will increase. At that time, you may feel as if you are not quite in your own skin and that passers-by, especially your acquaintances, are evaluating and judging you. Apply so much makeup that you still feel relaxed and confident.

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Apply enough makeup to still feel relaxed
Apply enough makeup to still feel relaxed.

If it gets smeared, it's a big disaster.

When we apply a small amount of mascara on our eyes, it's not too bad if it smears. But what happens when we wear too much makeup and it smudges? A real disaster. In the summer months, full of heat waves, however, disaster is almost imminent. We therefore suggest that you use large doses of make-up only in emergencies.

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