What percentage chance does your astrological sign have to win the lottery?!

Find out which zodiac signs win the lottery!

astrološko znamenje za zadetek na loteriji
Photo: Pexels / Karolina Grabowska

When talking about the lottery, we often turn to the stars for advice or guidance. But can your zodiac sign really affect your chances of winning? Modern astrologers have analyzed statistics and come to interesting conclusions that you simply need to know. What percentage chance does your astrological sign have to win the lottery?

What percentage chance does your astrological sign have to win the lottery? Many people have already asked themselves this question. Astrological analysis of lottery prize winners reveals surprising results about which signs are actually the most fortunate when it comes to winning big. Pisces are the luckiest, who are the most frequent winners with 11.6 %. Their intuitive nature and connection with the inner world clearly leads them to the right numbers. Geminis follow with a 9.9 % success rate, and their dual nature and quick adaptability place them high on the lottery luck list.

Famous for their analytical nature, Virgos earn third place with an 8.9 % success rate for winning the lottery. Their thoughtful approach and accuracy obviously help in choosing lucky numbers. However, they are not the only ones that can boast high percentages. Aquarians, Scorpios and Tauruses share the spot with 8.5 % success rates. The innovation of Aquarius, the passion of Scorpio, and the practicality of Taurus prove to be valuable tools in gambling.

Photo: Pexels / Karolina Grabowska

At the other end of the spectrum are Sagittarians, who with 6 % success rates show that their optimistic nature may not be enough for lottery success. However, we must not forget that in the lottery everyone has the same formal chances of winning, regardless of the zodiac sign.

However, don't let this statistic deter you from enjoying gambling, because as we know, luck goes around and maybe your sign will come next. May the stars shine favorably on you!

Detailed analysis by sign / What percentage chance does your astrological sign have to win the lottery?

  • Pisces: 11.6 % – Top of the luck list, thanks to their intuitive nature.
  • Twins: 9.9 % – Quick to adapt, which shows in their lottery performance.
  • Virgo: 8.9 % – Their analytical skills bring results when choosing lucky numbers.
  • Aquarius: 8.5 % – Their innovation allows them to make successful unconventional choices.
  • Scorpio: 8.5 % – Passion and intensity drive them to success.
  • Taurus: 8.5 % - Practicality and perseverance pay off.
  • Cancer: 8.2 % – Sensitivity and intuition contribute to their high percentages.
  • Leo: 7.7 % – Self-confidence and ambition support them on their way to success.
  • Libra: 7.7 % - A balanced approach brings happiness.
  • Capricorn: 7.7 % – Discipline and thoughtfulness are key to their success.
  • Aries: 7.5 % – Courage and impulsiveness can bring luck.
  • Sagittarius: 6 % - Despite optimism, they have the least luck in lottery games.

This list highlights how different traits specific to individual zodiac signs may affect their chances of winning at gambling. Use it as fun information to think about before your next visit to the lottery store!

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