What to do if your ex wants a second chance?

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What to do when the past shows up at the door, bringing old hurts and broken promises? Go away.

If he comes back, leave.

How do we deal with the past that suddenly knocks on the door when we have barely begun to accept its absence?

Is it possible to trust someone who has already left us once again, and whether it's really worth the risk, that we will be hurt again?

Sometimes it happens that we lose the love of our life, and that loss us very shocking. When this happens, it feels as if our world has crumbled into a thousand pieces.

We become imbued with a sense of loss, desperate and without the hope we once cultivated for the future. Our self-esteem and confidence are tested when we question our own worth and the reasons for a loved one's departure.

If he comes back - leave. Photo: Spencer Davis / Pexels

When we try to pick up the broken pieces of our lives, we we face a painful reality, that we must rebuild our existence, step by step. Although it is extremely difficult, with steadfast will and time we slowly learn to be whole again.

But precisely at the moment when we find in ourselves the strength to move forward, when the memory of a former love begins to fade, the unexpected can happen!

This person wants to come back

Usually this happens just when we are learned to live without it, when we started writing a new chapter of our lives.

Her return presents us with a difficult decision and question!

Do we give her a second chance?

Memories of pain, denial and unjustified mistakes come to the surface. It's hard to miss the times when they were pillows soaked with tears and mornings that started with a feeling of emptiness.

At this point, it is crucial to ask about real reasons of her departure and return. If we can't find a satisfactory answer, or if the past pain seems overwhelming, we may already have the answer: we cannot allow history to repeat itself.

Thinking about reentering a relationship that has already led to heartache is like dancing with fire.

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The realization that this is insanity—repeating the same action and expecting different results—is painful but liberating

When such a person returns, it may be the wisest thing to do to smile, wish her well and continue on her way. A love that truly deserves our heart should not be a source of constant doubt and pain.

Therefore, if this person returns, let us face this moment with strength and determination. Let us remember the pains we have endured and the wisdom we have gained.

This is an opportunity to choose ourselves, our happiness and our future.

Persisting in the cycle of uncertainty and pain is no longer an option. "If it comes back, leave" it becomes a mantra not only of survival, but also a sign respect towards oneself and commitment to one's own well-being.

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