What to do if clothes shrink during washing

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Don't worry, there is a solution!

All you need is baby shampoo and warm water.

Let's look at the process.

Pour into a container warm water, not hot, and a little baby shampoo, many also recommend a hair conditioner or conditioner. Place the shrunk garment in it.

You need two more large towels.

Has your garment shrunk? The solution is here. Photo: Christopher Maximilian / Unsplash

Wring the clothes slightly and place them on a towel. Roll the towel together with the garment to absorb excess water, then unroll it.

Unfold the second 8 (dry) towel and place your piece of clothing on it.

Gently stretch and pull the ends of the garment with your hands until it returns to its original size.

When completely dry, check the results and if you are not satisfied, repeat the process.

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