Where to place the wireless router for the best reception? #router

Where is the best place for a #router wireless router

Are you wondering where to place your wireless router for the best reception? You don't need to master Maxwell's equation for this, because there is an app that does everything for you. Otherwise, two things are clear. First, and more than obvious, a wireless signal travels more easily through an open space. So keep an eye on him if possible. The second point is a little less obvious. If the reception in a certain place is bad, even a minimal change in the position of the router can improve it tremendously, as it also moves the "grey spots".

Are you interested in where to put it in the room? wireless router for the best possible reception? At a time when we depend on the Internet and they must virtual operations run smoothly, the behavior of this answer is worth its weight in gold. Especially since distractions often go straight to the soul router. And since they say that good preparation is half the battle, the optimal location of the latter is key.

The WiFi Solver app will help you find the most optimal location for your wireless router.
The WiFi Solver app will help you find the most optimal location for your wireless router.

Today, it doesn't hurt to have at least a basic understanding of electromagnetic operation, and not because it does electromagnetic radiation sounds like something that could land you in an oncology institute, but because different electromagnetic waves are "to blame" for better reception of our senses and perception of the world around us. Electromagnetic radiation is everything from light to wireless router frequencies, which right now allows you to read this on your computer, tablet or smartphone. In fact, all modern communication "surfs" on electromagnetic waves.

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However, if you're not the type to be interested in the background of electromagnetic waves, signal but you would still like to have enough power to surf the web smoothly, you are from Google's website Google Play download the app WiFi Solver FDTD, which will answer the question from the title.

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