This will drive him away: men can't stand this kind of behavior from women

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You fell in love. The thought of him made your head spin. Assumptions draw unreality. The result of your obsession is a breakup. Male flight.

Most women have no idea how to behave around men. They do things to win his favor, only to be left completely confused when their efforts backfire.

What you should not do and when it is better to leave the thought of him.

1. You are chasing him

In the vast majority of cases, if a man likes you… he will do something about it. He will ask you out and be consistent.

If he really likes you, the only thing you need to do is send him some signals to let him know that you are interested too. It doesn't have to be obvious and over the top. A smile and eye contact will do the job.

If a man has a chance to be with you and doesn't take advantage of it, then he just doesn't like you enough.


A woman who values herself she will simply forget about him. A desperate woman but she'll be constantly texting him, maybe showing up where she thinks he'll be, maybe getting information from mutual friends, maybe stalking him on social media…

A man may respond politely to her encouragement, but she may take it as his interest, which it is not. If there is any hope of him developing feelings for you, you will push him away if you pursue him.

Men need space to bond and develop emotions.

2. You are putting him on a pedestal

You are in love, the man returns your feelings. You dream of a future with him. But when you do, you tend to put more energy into the imagination than the actual person.

Putting someone on a pedestal is not flattering, but troubling. You can't connect on a real level if you don't see a man as a real person.

3. You have high expectations

Men like women with high standards, but they still want to be appreciated for the things they do. They don't want a woman who expects them to do certain things and behave in a certain way.


One of the essential things to understand about men is that they really want recognition. It's basically every man's fundamental love language. If a man doesn't feel truly valued in a relationship, he won't want to be in that relationship.

If you just expect things from him, it will immediately turn him off and he will most likely not want to see you again. Men need to feel appreciated for who they are. If you only see him as a means to an end, then you won't connect with him and he'll lose interest.

4. You worry excessively about the relationship

Don't dwell on where things went wrong or what you should have done differently. Focus on yourself, focus on becoming a better version of yourself. Focus on being happy. Focus on feeling great about your life and who you are.

This is what really attracts a man's attention. Don't bother with him or try to do everything in your power to win him over.

Relationships aren't really that complicated. The problem is that we confuse them by creating problems that don't exist and obsessing over how to solve them.

5. You are negative

One of a man's biggest driving needs when it comes to relationships is ability make a woman happy. If he feels like he can't do that, he won't want to be with her.

No man wants to serve as his woman's emotional dumping ground, as this only adds to the stress in his life, and men are very averse to drama.


Practice gratitude for everything you have in life. If you want to complain, you will always find things to complain about. If you want to feel good, you will always find things in life to be grateful for.

6. You talk too much about yourself

On a date, talk and talk and talk endlessly because if you don't tell him how much fun you are, how successful you are, how many friends you have, how well you travel, what a wonderful life you have...how will he know?!

Talking about how great you are can come off as arrogant, making him feel like he has nothing to offer you. Also, people usually don't become interested in you when you show them how interesting you are, they become interested when you show genuine interest in them.



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