Wooden winter cabin "V" - for unforgettable family holidays

Wooden cottage

At the top of the lower Norwegian hill is the wooden winter cabin "V", which, covered in warm wood, offers ideal possibilities for spending a fairy-tale winter vacation in the protection of beautiful nature. See where you will spend an unforgettable family vacation.

Wooden winter cabin "V", which is found on a lower plateau in central Norway, is suitable for a comfortable life of a family of five in all seasons, the architects of the bureau Reiulf Ramstad Architects but we can blame it for its innovative floor plan, which resembles the letter v. The so-called "V" cottage got its shape thanks to the shape of the land on which it is built, as it is divided into two parts, which are joined at an angle of 45 degrees. The interior of the wooden winter cottage is thus divided into two wings. The first comprises a spacious kitchen and living room, while the second contains several private rooms with glass walls that offer a wonderful view of the peaceful nature.

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