Yoomi bottles for active families

Yoomi bottles are ideal for active families, as they heat the liquid to the temperature of breast milk in one minute, without electricity or batteries. Don't believe it?

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Yoomi bottles they are very special. Innovative shapes, with a pacifier made of soft silicone that imitates the shape of the mother's breast. That's why it will appeal to children, but also because it is completely disassembled and allows for easy cleaning. The bottle is suitable for children from birth onwards, and is especially recommended during the transition from breastfeeding. But he has Yoomi another special feature – when we test it together with the heater. Yoomi heating bottles work without electricity or batteries. It is a bottle, part of which is a heater that heats the liquid without electricity or batteries. When the button is pressed, the heater heats the contents of the bottle to around 34 degrees, which is the temperature of breast milk, in sixty seconds. After use, the heater can only be refilled by boiling or in the microwave, at no additional cost this can be repeated at least 150 times.

Yoomi is a great accessory for active families, because now even skiing or a day trip in nature is no longer a problem, and it is not necessary to always think in advance where and how to prepare food for the little ones. The British product line includes a set with a small bottle and a set with a large bottle, and we can additionally purchase a faster or slower teat, warmer and charger. Another interesting one Yoomi the product is a heating sheep, a plush toy made of natural millet and scented with lavender, which - when placed in the microwave for two minutes - heats up and thus becomes the youngest's favorite companion in sweet dreams.

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