You won't spend a cent, you already have everything: tricks that will make your clothes look "more expensive"

You won't spend a cent, you already have everything: tricks that will make your clothes look "more expensive"

There is no ultimate recipe to make them look perfect. Sometimes even a mountain of money doesn't help with this - shopping in expensive stores and looking great are not the same thing. But there are quite a few tricks that will improve your style and make it more "luxurious".

Choose lighter colors.

The combination of bright colors gives an elegant look. Therefore, an image consisting of light colors (for example, beige colors) is an excellent choice if you want others to see you as more fancy.

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КАКОЙ ВЩИ ПРИ ПОКУПКЕ ВЫ ОТДАДИТЕ ПРЕДПОЧТЕНИЕ: базой или интересной дизайнерской??? A few years ago, without doubt, I would have chosen the second option. It seemed to me that it is possible to stand out from the crowd only in original things. 👗 It took years to understand: this statement is true only partially. By buying exceptionally bright clothes, you can easily end up in a situation where your wardrobe seems to be filled to the brim, but you have nothing to wear. After all, original things may make you more noticeable, but they are, firstly, fast enough to eat, and secondly, you rarely want to wear them every day. In addition, it is more difficult to combine such clothes. Therefore, I decided to derive for myself the ideal formula of the ratio of things in the wardrobe: now it consists of fashionable items on the 70% and fashion items on the 30%. Now, many people thought, but what kind of clothes can be considered basic? Actually, everything is very individual here. Для когото ето будет юбка-плиссе, and кто кото не издесь совый жизнь without black cropped jeans. The main thing is that the basic item should be universal, which means it can be easily combined with other clothes in the wardrobe☝️

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You must have 'basic' pieces in your wardrobe that are classics.

A straight-cut camel cashmere coat, a basic beige trench coat, classic blue jeans, pullovers in different colors, a narrow skirt... Fashion trends will never run over these pieces. Add stylishly designed accessories to them and people will immediately notice you.


Buy good quality supplements.

Belts, handbags, scarves, hats and other fashion accessories can do wonders. Stylish accessories can turn ordinary pajamas into haute couture. Forget fakes: a good handbag from a lesser-known brand will look better than a fake from a well-known brand.

Choose light colors or a neutral color of the living room furniture.

Yellow, blue, red and neutral colors of classic lounge chairs will always suit you, whether they are expensive or not. Such shoes undoubtedly provide a "luxurious" look.


Choose 'invisible' underwear.

Visible lace and rhinestones on your underwear is a big mistake. Inappropriate clothes can spoil the whole picture. Do not mistake everyday lingerie for erotic lingerie for special occasions. Regular bras and panties are suitable for every day.

Include white.

Make white the main color of your look. White pants, shirt and coat will always look great. It's even better if you choose this look in winter.


Choose patterns that will make your clothes look more expensive.

Classic patterns beat all fashion trends and are always positioned higher. Such patterns look more expensive and polished, even if you buy a piece in a regular store. Glen Plaid (also Prince of Wales Plaid) and Polka Dots are great choices.


Include sporty pieces.

Modern fashion is a real irony. Don't limit yourself to one style: you can also add a sporty piece to an elegant and romantic job. You will look natural and simple.

Wear clothes that look new and take care of them.

  • Read the care recommendations on the label and follow them.
  • Frequent and intensive washing causes the fabric to fade and change its shape. Try washing clothes at a low temperature, if you use a dryer, keep it running at minimum speed.
  • Reduce the time in the washing machine to 30 to 45 minutes. Don't forget to turn the laundry.
  • Hand wash delicate fabrics, hiking clothes, ski equipment, etc. put it in the dry cleaners.
  • Get rid of clothes that are worn or discolored. Also, get rid of stained clothes.
  • Sew on the torn buttons immediately.
  • Use a steam iron. This will help you get rid of wrinkles, even if you are 'impeded' by buttons, frills and other decorative elements.
  • Don't hesitate to repair your shoes. Leather shoes, especially heels, are not sexy. Either get rid of them or get them repaired.

Replace the buttons.

One of the easiest ways to make your clothes look more expensive is to change the buttons. Therefore, replace the plastic buttons with corresponding, more beautiful buttons, for metal or bone buttons.


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