Your date of birth reveals what you were in a past life

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Do you feel like a part of you is hiding in another time? Find out what you were in a past life!

Wondering what you were in a past life? Let's enter the time of the past, where every birth date carries a story deeply rooted in another era. Is there something we don't know?

Have we lived in past lives?

What are past lives supposed to be according to each astrological sign and date of birth?

Let's look at an interesting interpretation of the date of our birth, or what we could have been in a past life.

From 14 to 28 July, from 23 to 27 September, from 3 to 17 October

In a past life, you proved to be a spiritual teacher with an extraordinary heart. You charmed people with your charm and extraordinary intelligence and left a lasting impression on everyone you came in contact with. Your influence extended beyond the ordinary as you always stood up for those who were undervalued. Life today reflects your eccentricity and deep desire to help those in need.

From January 22 to 31, from September 8 to 22

Your past life was as a traveling artist with an extremely vivid imagination who entertained and charmed people with his gifts. You were always in the center of attention, surrounded by love ties and circumstances that called for adventures. Today's time brings attachment to one place and one person, but at the same time it strengthens your penetrating thinking skills.

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From July 29 to August 11, from October 30 to November 7

Your past life was marked as a prominent defender of justice with the power of tact and coolness. You achieved your goals with your able planning and rhetorical skills. Today's life is distinguished by sincerity and directness, but sometimes you underestimate your abilities. In love, you approach with a fullness of emotions.

From 8 to 21 January, from 1 to 11 February

As a merciless bandit from a past life, you were born into a poor family and quickly learned the injustice of the world. Your idealism still shines, but now it is more cautious. You only open your heart to those who deserve it. Today's life reflects caution, but you still dream of sincere and deep love.

From 1 to 10 March, from 27 November to 18 December

As a king in a previous life, you ruled with pride and ambition. Today's life brings a love of freedom and avoiding any restrictions. Your love relationships are characterized by selfishness and short-termism.

Were you a pirate? Photo: Oleksandr P / Pexels

From February 12 to 29, from August 20 to 31

Your past role was that of a gentle-hearted ruler who pursued tact and gentleness. Today's life brings awareness of the importance of personal freedom and resistance to any interference in personal matters. Your love remains sensitive and loyal.

From 20 to 8 May, from 12 to 19 August

In a past life, you were a ruthless conqueror who longed to impose his will. Today's life brings the pursuit of peace and harmony, and the desire for freedom and jealousy in love are also sustaining. Nevertheless, you are always ready to give your heart to the one who truly makes you happy.

From 9 to 27 May, from 29 June to 13 July

Your past life was educated and wise. Today's life reflects an authority with a good reputation that values reality and rejects superficial relationships. Your friendships are sacred, but you seek truth and romance in love.

Maybe even a king. Photo: Dmitry Sidorov / Pexels

From 11 to 31 March, from 18 to 29 October, from 19 to 31 December

In a past life, you excelled as an orator with exceptional strategic skills. Today's life reflects a critical mind and the search for solid relationships, although you are loyal but suspicious in love.

From May 28 to June 18, from September 28 to October 2

As an adventurer with a tender heart, in a past life you explored unknown places and yearned for adventure. Life today is all about maintaining your independence and seeking new challenges while searching for your soul mate in love.

From 1 to 19 April, from 8 to 17 November

Your past lives were marked by rebellion, a desire to discover the mystical, and participation in white magic. Today's life reflects as a critical thinker and authority with the ability to understand what people are hiding. In love, you are loyal but demanding, and you are looking for reality and emotional connection.

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