Have you fallen in love with the wrong person?

Photo: Victoria Volkova / Unsplash

You fell in love with the wrong woman, man. Maybe by accident. Maybe on purpose. Maybe without thinking if this person is right for you. Maybe because you weren't thinking or because you didn't feel fear around her. Maybe because for the first time you let go of all restrictions and rules.

Whatever your reason, we hope you didn't regret it one bit and learned that there's nothing wrong with falling in love with the wrong person, that it's even a good thing before you find someone you truly love.

Stop analyzing the future before it even begins. Stop wondering and thinking if this person belongs in your world. You don't need to understand relationships before you get into them.

Don't think that you have to be flawless, whole before you let someone in. Do not tell yourself that you are not worthy of love or that you can control or even manipulate it. You don't set endless expectations for yourself that no one will ever reach.

Don't be afraid of love. Photo: Gabrielle Meschini- / Unsplash

Don't wait for that right person and just fall in love instead. Fall in love with the person in front of you because you are happy with them, because you feel something. Accept what you don't know and let your heart guide you sometimes. Because you'll never find true love if you don't try to love. If you don't let her in.

If you don't love a few wrong people you won't find the right person. They stand in your way to grow, to fall, and to learn lessons. You'll never know if it's true if you don't try.

Fall in love with the wrong person. The person who seems right but ends up not matching the rhythm of your heart. With the one who makes mistakes. With the one that hurts your heart, even though it is still healing, you trusted, you believed. Loved and that's nice.

Don't give your heart to someone who has wrong intentions. To someone who doesn't value or care about you. A person who is fighting his own demons and can't and won't face yours. The one who can't take care of you because he's too afraid to let himself go completely.

Remember, love is imperfect, but that doesn't mean you settle for less. This does not mean that in despair, in loneliness, you trust everyone. But if there is someone in front of you who is imperfect, confused. Someone you like but fear it might not work out, someone who seems genuine in their intentions and love for you, let yourself go.

Nothing is guaranteed. Photo: Kate Kozyrka / Unsplash

Maybe that person isn't right. She might leave you and break your heart. Remember, you are here - to love. You hope. You trust.

It may or may not be the right person for you. But would you rather spend the rest of your days wondering what could have been if? Or would you rather give her a chance, believe in the best and let love into your heart?

Maybe everything will go wrong. They may not be with you forever. Maybe they will be poisonous. They might leave you. But in this relationship you will learn how strong you are. You will learn about your abilities to forgive, to hope. In this relationship, you will learn what you deserve. You will find out who you are and who you were. You will learn what you need, even if not with this person.

In this way, you will prepare yourself for the right person. You will know what kind of relationship is good and what kind is not. You will realize that life is often about risk, chance and trust.

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