10 sweet signals that show he wants much more than friendship

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Even though you are just friends, you may have started to feel something for him, but you are not sure what he feels. Men say a lot more with their behavior and these signs will reveal if he wants more than friendship from you.

Friendship between a man and a woman? Many doubt that this is possible and that it almost always turns into at least one-sided infatuation. Let's see what signs show that he wants more than friendship from you.

1. Calls instead of texting

If a man only texts and never calls, then this is a sign that he is not really interested in you. A man who is not serious or only sees you as a friend will always keep his distance and communicate indirectly. But if you live outdoors always calls or wants to talk to you, that means he probably harbors strong feelings. Men don't call unless they think it's really important and that's so sweet.

2. He always tries to be in touch

It appears in your life in different ways. He calls and texts you, responds to your social media posts, and is the first to click like when you change your profile picture. Besides, it will took every opportunity to communicate with you and maybe even called you to wish you a good morning or a nice evening. He is interested in how your day went, and he also notices that you have a new hairstyle and outfit. When a man is interested in such details, it usually means that he is in love and pays attention to every detail.


3. He really wants to get to know you

A man does not try to get to know a woman he is not interested in or find out what kind of person she is. But if he is in love, then everything changes and he wants know everything about a woman which makes his heart flutter.

4. He listens and remembers everything

Girls love to talk, but men don't. Men cannot listen to the gossip and drama that women enjoy. Members of the stronger sex often just pretend to listen to such things. But everything changes when a man falls in love with a woman, because her opinion becomes important. He listens and tries to remember everything, what she said, but he is also interested in the food she likes, movies and everything else. If you have noticed that lately a man listens and participates in every conversation, but also remembers details, it probably means that he is very interested in you.

5. He is always polite

We live in a time when people follow the basic rules of etiquette less and less. As a result, there are fewer and fewer men who behave like gentlemen. But if a man especially cares, to make a good impression, will hold the door, pay for the coffee, and make the woman feel comfortable. He will do absolutely anything to make a woman feel safe and comfortable because he still wants to please her.


6. Cute nicknames are part of communication

If a man likes a woman, he will give her cute nicknames and take every opportunity to say so. But this also includes cute jokes or inside jokes, with which he wants to show how much he cares.

7. He is generous

If a man is in love, then he is generous, he wants to impress a woman. But this does not mean that he will give his wife super expensive gifts, but he can surprise her with small sweet gestures. They will cheer her up with a cute teddy bear or flowers. There is another way you can the man shows his generosity – by sharing compliments, which is definitely a sign that he wants to be more than a friend.

8. He is always smiling around the woman he likes

Three things cannot be hidden: cough, poverty and love," says the famous phrase. Even if a man does not directly show a woman that he likes him, his unconscious signals show his inner feelings. Especially, when it comes to strong emotions, such as hate or love. Pay attention to the signals he is sending you - look at his face when he sees you. A wide smile that lights up the whole face is a sign of affection and positive feelings.


9. He wants a woman to feel safe

A man who has deep feelings for a woman has a strong need to protect her. He will do whatever it takes to make her feel safe. If it's late, he'll walk her home or call a taxi, but he'll also make sure she arrives safely. She will always do everything to make you feel good and safe.

10. Makes long-term plans

One of the clearest signs that you're into him is that yes makes long-term plans. If he wants to go on vacation or spend a weekend with you next year, then he wants to enjoy your company. Such plans mean that he wants to have you in his life and is probably secretly planning how to make your relationship even better and more intimate.

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