10 ways you can use baking paper in your home: It's not just for baking

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Baking paper is more than just an indispensable assistant in baking. This affordable and versatile kitchen tool can be used in many ways beyond the traditional baking of cookies or pastries. Below, we reveal ten practical ways you can use parchment paper for everyday tasks, from cleaning to preservation.

Baking paper it is not only a staple of every kitchen, but also a versatile tool that can be used in many ways. By using these simple tricks you can improve home maintenance, save money and reduce the need for chemical cleaners in an environmentally friendly way. Let baking paper become your everyday helper not only in the kitchen, but also in other parts of the home.

Photo: envato

1. Cleaning and polishing of faucets

The paper is great for cleaning and polishing metal faucets without using abrasive cleaners. When you rub it on your faucets, it removes water spots and restores shine. In this way, you will prevent the use of chemical cleaners and extend the life of the faucets. The paper acts as a gentle abrasive that does not damage surfaces. Using baking paper is such a simple and effective method for maintaining bathroom fixtures.

2. Protection in drawers

Use paper to line drawers and protect the interior from dust and dirt. This simple solution also allows for easier cleaning; just change the paper when it gets dirty. Baking paper will keep drawers clean and organized. This method is ideal for kitchen drawers where utensils or spices are stored. In addition to protection, the paper also adds an aesthetic look to the interior of the drawers.

3. Protection of silverware

Wrapping silverware in baking the paper prevents oxidation and tarnishing of the metal. This method is great for storing valuable metal items that you don't use often. Baking paper creates a protective barrier that reduces exposure to air. In this way, you can store silverware for a long time without the need for frequent polishing. This storage method is easy and economical.

4. Prevent items from sticking together

Baking paper can be used between layers of objects that would can be pasted, such as stickers or photose. This is especially useful when storing sticky materials such as gift tags. The paper acts as a separating layer and prevents unnecessary sticking. This is ideal for artists and craftspeople who want to keep their materials in pristine condition. In addition, the use of baking paper is a practical and effective solution.

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5. Protection of clothes during ironing

Place while ironing baking paper between the iron and the garment, to prevent possible burns or stains. This technique is especially useful for delicate fabrics that require gentle handling. Baking paper provides a protective barrier that preserves the textile and extends its life. In addition, it allows even distribution of heat, which improves the quality of ironing. This simple trick can significantly improve your ironing.

6. Protection of the cheese

Wrapping the cheese in parchment paper helps preserve it freshness and prevents drying. This method is better than plastic wrap, as it allows the cheese to "breathe" without absorbing flavors from the surroundings. Baking paper maintains optimal moisture and prevents the formation of mold. This storage method is ideal for long-term preservation of cheese quality. Using parchment paper in the refrigerator is easy and effective.

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7. Protection of wooden objects

Wrapping wooden stoves and other kitchen utensils in baking paper prevents them from sticking together and contamination. This is a great way to store wooden tools that are not often used. Baking paper prevents flavors and aromas from transferring between different tools. This method keeps wooden objects clean and ready for use. It also provides additional protection against moisture and dirt.

8. Cleaning the iron

Baking paper is also useful for cleaning the ironing board. Running it over a hot iron will remove it debris and dirt, which can accumulate. This will help keep the iron in optimal condition and prevent dirt transfer to the clothes. This process is quick and effective for keeping your iron clean. Using parchment paper for this job is easy and safe.

9. Protect surfaces

You can use baking paper when working with paints, glues or other materials to protect working surfaces. This method prevents permanent stains and makes cleanup easier after the project is complete. You can simply throw away the baking paper after use. This is especially useful for schools or workshops where creative projects are often carried out. Using parchment paper to protect surfaces is a practical and clean solution.

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10. Remove water spots

The paper can also be used to remove water spots with wooden tables or other surfaces. Place it on the stain and gently iron over it. The heat helps the water evaporate without damaging the wood. This method is effective for restoring the appearance of your furniture. Using baking paper for this purpose is easy and protects the wood from possible damage.

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