12 pieces of clothing that are not practical for traveling

Comfort is the most important factor in travel. To a large extent, we can increase our comfort by choosing the right wardrobe. Read on for a list of 12 items of clothing that are not practical for travel.

That's 12 pieces of clothing that aren't practical for travel.

Ripped pants

Ripped pants are a big trend in the Western world, but they're not the best for travel. In certain parts of the world, they can be an inappropriate piece of clothing, and the climate can quickly harm you if you don't protect yourself properly.

White clothes

Unless you're traveling by private jet, sooner or later you're going to get at least a little dirty. Avoid white clothes.

White gets dirty quickly
White gets dirty quickly

Huge pieces of jewelry

Who needs jewelry on a plane? Although the idea of traveling like a model is tempting, in reality, jewelry will only get in the way.

High heels

Traveling is inherently uncomfortable. To make it difficult with high heels is pure nonsense.

High heels will only get in your way
High heels will only get in your way

Intricate decorative belts

Thick buckles and decorative belts with large decorations will only make you sore.

Open sandals

Even if you are traveling to tropical places, you should be aware that airports and airplanes will be very air-conditioned. Better put open shoes in your luggage and wear comfortable sneakers.

A costume

If you don't have an appointment after the flight, better avoid costumes. They are uncomfortable and like to lose themselves.

National symbols

If you are traveling to a country with a completely different culture and customs, avoid overemphasizing your nationality.

Leather pants

No leather pants are comfortable enough to sit in for hours. Leggings or a tracksuit are much better clothing choices for travel.

Failure to follow country-specific dress code

Are you traveling to Africa, the Middle East or Southeast Asia? Find out about the dress code and stick to it.


The same rule as when choosing shoes also applies when choosing pants. In shorts, your journey will be very uncomfortable, and because of the climate, you will risk catching a cold.

Shorts combined with air conditioning are cold
Shorts combined with air conditioning are cold

The jersey of a popular sports team

This rule depends on the destination you are traveling to. There is nothing inherently wrong with expressing your affiliation with a certain sports team. But take care of your own safety - some sports fans can be confrontational and aggressive.

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