8 ways to organize toys so kids can put them away later

8 ways to organize toys so that children can put them away later

Probably one of the biggest household annoyances is tidying up children's toys, which the little ones scatter all over the room when they wander off into the wonderful world of toys. You are usually a victim who steps on one of the toys and experiences hell. You can get rid of this lovely hell. Yes, it is possible. If you organize toys in these 8 ways.

Instead of ran after the children every day and picked up toys after them, teach them how to organize their favorites objects, that they will also be later with happy to clean up. They will learn how to arrange things after yourself, and you will can devote to other things.

Evelyn Cucchiara, who deals with babysitting and organizing toys, says that usually most areas are in the home a dumping ground for toys, but when the space is systematically organized, children actually like to tidy up because it gives them a sense of satisfaction. But here it is 8 tips on how to achieve this goal.


If the toys are not used by the children, donate them
If the toys are not used by the children, donate them

Remember that more toys does not mean a better game. Cucchiara advises that you only keep toys that your child actually plays with. Also, avoid buying toys that are designed for one thing only - trains that you have to put together again and again. If you have extra toys that the children don't play with, donate them, concludes Cucchiara.


You probably remember that you could never return toys that came in packaging. Such packaging, especially Cucchiara, is just an additional cover, so it is better to combine all the games that are from the same set in one of the larger boxes. In this way, you encourage more creative play, because the child is not limited to just one thing, says Cucchiara. If you are afraid that you will not know how to assemble or use the toys, just cut out the instructions from the packaging and stick them on the box.


Organize toys by set in boxes
Organize toys by set in boxes

Organize toys in plastic boxes, but they should not be too big, as the child cannot see the contents inside. It's important that the toys in the box are visible, says Cucchiara, but you also want them to be easy to get out of.


When children have too many toys in a cluttered environment, they can't decide, so they choose a toy to play with for a few minutes, Cucchiara says. Keep only a few (few) types of toys to make it easier for them to decide. Remove what is not needed.


Store the same toys in boxes
Store the same toys in boxes

Combine toys from the same sets together. The focus should be on toys that stimulate cognitive thinking, says Cucchiara. This kind of organization is not only good because it makes it easier to find toys, but the child starts to think about 'putting things away', which is important once he enters school.


Labels in the form of photos are essential to guide the child, because he will not have to guess where the toys he wants to play with are. Such a system yields consistent results, says Cucchiara. It is best to hang the photos above the box that contains a certain set of toys.


Make tidying up a game
Make tidying up a game

Cucchiara says that the metal bell is a very interesting tool: five minutes before the end of playing with it, let the child know that it is almost time to put everything away. While tidying up, encourage the child to put everything in order before you finish singing a song. Next time, ask your child if he wants to ring the bell himself - this way he will feel empowered to take on the task himself.


Cucchiara says you can store books, coloring books, picture books, notebooks in the shoe cabinet. In this way, none of the materials will be damaged. This cabinet will allow the child to easily take materials, as he simply tilts the drawer and chooses what suits him.

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