The 15 cheapest meals at Michelin-starred restaurants around the world

Restaurants with Michelin stars are considered a symbol of prestige, and we usually go to them only on special occasions. Dishes prepared by the greatest chefs usually cost fabulous sums of money. But is that really always the case?

As it turns out, even in the most prestigious restaurants it is possible to enjoy an affordable meal.

Platform Traveloka carried out research in which she wanted to find out the cheapest meals in Michelin-starred restaurants around the world. Believe it or not - the price of the cheapest meal is less than 2 euros.

The researchers are on Michelin's official website studied restaurant guides in different countries. In this way, they managed to find the cheapest restaurants with one or two Michelin stars. The selected restaurants were classified according to prices of individual dishes to order, which they offer.

Which 15 Michelin-starred restaurants topped the cheapest list? The prices of the dishes have been converted from local currencies to euros for greater transparency.

15. Tuju, Sao Paolo, Brazil – €19.65

14. Fritz's Frau Franzi, Dusseldorf, Germany – €19.50

13. Ten-you, Kyoto, Japan – €18.80

12. The Coach, Marlow, United Kingdom – €18.50

11. King, Macau – €16.30

10. Al's Place, San Francisco, USA – €15.80

9. L'Antic Moli, El Castell, Spain – €14.50

L'Antic Moli.
L'Antic Moli.

8. Lao Zheng Xing, Shanghai, China – €12.60

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Lao Zheng Xing, the oldest restaurant in Shanghai Opened since 1862, it was awarded 1 star in 2018, focusing on selling Shanghai-style food that is distinct from the Jiang-style food, which is 1 of the 8 major types of food Chinese # 草头圈子 球节节草聟降生草头节草头发色草头发色草头发行草头包行草头节草头在节草头图事药草头节草头在草头地子According to the style of Chinese food, the restaurant's signature dish is influenced by # 东坡肉 # Dongpopork. The original version of # pork and #kakuni pork and # 角煮 is also available at the restaurant. The restaurant is located at the People's Square station, take exit 15 and walk along the Fuzhou road. Queue about 1 hour. But if พลับต่าวิวิวิต้าวิวิ่วิว #jyyshanghai #jyyshanghainese

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7. Three Coins, Taipei, Taiwan – €11.40

Three Coins.
Three Coins.

6. Ginza Ibuki, Tokyo, Japan – €11.00

5. Jay Fai, Bangkok, Thailand – €10.60

Jay Fai.
Jay Fai.

4. Chugokusai S. Sawada, Osaka, Japan – €8.45

3. Hamo, Seoul, South Korea – €6.25


2. Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong – €3.35

Team Ho Wan.
Team Ho Wan.

1. Liao Fan Hong Kong, Singapore – €1.95

Liao Fan Hong Kong
Liao Fan Hong Kong

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