20 most beautiful countries in the world, including Slovenia

1. Scotland

Seems a little ungrateful, doesn't it? Everyone would probably put their country first. While it is true that some have been 'blessed' with stunning views, sandy beaches, mighty mountains, fairy-tale lakes, endless deserts, some have not. And it is also true that travelers will know better which part of the Earth hides beauty. At Rough Guides, they have chosen the 20 most beautiful countries in the world, and Slovenia is among them. Just what place does he occupy?

Magazine readers Rough Guides shared their decision regarding the most beautiful countries, and we are very interested in whether you agree with them. Well, there's one country we're sure you will. Otherwise, they are on the country's list of all continents and it's really nice to see how different tastes can be. So, let's look at 20 'beauties', which proudly boast on the surface of the Earth.

Gallery - 20 most beautiful countries in the world

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