#206 - City Magazine - Mend a broken heart

I am thinking. The month of February brings us a very special holiday - Valentine's Day. This opens up the possibility to sincerely show our feelings to our chosen one. In doing so, we need to know his personal language of love.

A bestseller definitely comes to mind 5 love languages Doctor of Romance and Relationships Gary Chapman, which vividly takes us through the world of emotions of each individual and his personal perception of love - his language of love. Each of us is extremely different in this perception. Let it be helped by personal experiences or the primary family and thus transmitted patterns of behavior. For each of us, love is its own dimension of perception, and even technology does not help us in this. In the issue #206 we pay special attention to this because January is always marked by major technological events. It is already the case that technological progress has recently also provided insight into a broken heart, as evidenced by the story of a young man from Israel. Kobi Soto discovered the secret feature of FitBit - a wristband for monitoring physical activity. When he was wearing the meter, it recorded the moment when the boy told him on the phone that he was breaking up with him. The story may seem insignificant, but it almost immediately became an online hit (citymagazine.si/srce). Also, and above all, because we all identify with our own personal experience - of a broken heart.

Love technology will never help us understand. This is in the domain of our spiritual world. Not even the fantastic virtual reality will help to understand it - the technological trend of the year and the technology that will soon allow us to attend a concert on the other side of the world right from our own living room. We will, of course, "sit" in the first row, in the company of VIP-visitors and real "reality". But that's futurism. Let's stay grounded and look inward, let's get back to love.

Company, in which we live, undermines the foundations of basic norms. Love laughs in the face and pushes this primary emotion into the background. All too much we have become disloyal to ourselves, to our principles, which we are ready to sell for a fraction of a euro. Words like loyalty, principles, morality are losing their true meaning. But it seems that everything begins and ends with love. That this is what each of us will have to find for ourselves. That only this represents a way out of the universal moral crisis. Even the crisis that our nation is experiencing at every step, be it in politics or business.

It's Valentine's Day commercial holiday, but it hides a deeper meaning. So look for it the primary language of love your partner and give him a gift. And so fix it even your broken heart. Enjoy reading and download your personal digital copy (PDF). We love you 🙂

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