3 Zodiac Signs That Will Make You Jealous Often

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Why are some people constantly in the grip of jealousy and envy? What is it that triggers these deeply rooted feelings in them? What do others have that they don't?

Have you ever been the target of jealousy? Each individual strives for his own piece of happiness and success. Sometimes it seems that some people just live under a lucky star. While many are fighting for their place under the sun. And the first quickly become the target of jealousy.

And although we would like to believe in universal justice, there are zodiac signs that seem to have a special luck and magnetism that attracts jealous glances and even attacks from others.

Which zodiac signs are often the target of jealousy?


When you think of a Leo, you probably think of a strong, confident and charismatic person who is hard to ignore. People born under this sign often exude magnetism and easily find themselves the center of attention wherever they go. Their determination to achieve their goals and their natural authority put them in a leadership role in almost any situation.

Envy. Photo: Marcel Biegger / Pexels

But it is precisely this aspect of their personality that can cause jealousy in others. People often wonder how Leos can easily attract attention and achieve their goals with so little effort.


Scorpios are known for their intensity, passion and mystery. They are people of deep emotions who passionately fight for what they want and do not give up until they achieve their goals. Their ability to delve into the deepest layers of the human mind makes them extremely attractive and appealing to others.

However, their secretiveness and intensity can also make others jealous and uncomfortable. Scorpios often act as a magnet for people who want to get to know them better, but their closedness and unwanted secretiveness can also make others feel insecure and jealous.

Views that say it all. Envy. Photo: Arthouse Studio / Pexels


Aries are known for their energy, passion and self-confidence. They are people who live life to the fullest, always ready for new challenges and adventures. Their fearlessness and determination often puts them in a leadership role in almost any situation, allowing them to achieve their goals with incredible ease.

However, it is precisely this aspect of their personality that can cause jealousy in others. Many wonder how Aries can always find the energy and motivation to achieve their goals, no matter how challenging they are.

Instead of comparing yourself to others and feeling jealous, it is important to focus on your own goals and passions and pursue your dreams. Everyone deserves their piece luck, but this can only be achieved through hard work, determination and self-belief.

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